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Plantable Tree And Seed Wedding Favors For Spring

Plantable Tree And Seed Wedding Favors For Spring



If you are planning a spring or early summer wedding and want to showcase your eco-friendly values, a plantable seed or tree favor is the perfect gift to send your guests home with. Plantable wedding favors range in price from as little as $1.10 for DIY seed packets, to several dollars or more for individually packaged bulbs or seedlings. When buying a plantable wedding favor, it is important to make sure the seeds are species that are native to America and are not invasive-as planting invasive species can cause more harm to the environment than good. Working with eco-friendly American artisans using recycled materials and organic American seeds is a great way to support green businesses and the earth at the same time. Here are some fun plantable favor options for your spring wedding:




DIY Seed Packet Wedding Favors





If you want the look of a polished favor but at a fraction of the cost, you can create your own seed packets, or work with an artist like Sadia Designs. Sadia Designs can make and print custom art for you directly onto recycled Kraft paper seed envelopes. You can then buy bulk wildflower seeds online geared for specific regions of the country (e.g. this wildflower seed blend for the Pacific Northwest from Environmental Seed) and fill the packets yourself.




Potted Seed Wedding Favors




If you like the idea of giving your guests individual potted wedding favors, but know many of them will have to travel and want something cute and convenient, the potted wedding favor kits from Nature Favors are perfect. Each contains a pot, soil pellet and piece of colorful seed imbued paper in a cute shape to match your spring wedding theme, including butterflieshearts and flowers. Each favor kit also includes a recycled Kraft paper box, ribbon and customized label.




Plantable Seed Paper Ornaments





Whether 3D shapes (like sea shells or crosses) or flat paper ornaments (like these plantable paper hearts and stars) hanging ornament-style plantable favors are very versatile. You can hang them from branch centerpieces in the  middle of each reception table, set one on each place setting and/or use them as elaborate favor tags for other DIY wedding favors. Plantable ornaments are not just for winter weddings either, as you can find them in dozens of shapes and styles and the seeds last for months.




Origami Seed Packet Cards





Plant-a-Memory makes folding seed favors that contain a small packet of seeds. When guests unfold your custom message they will find an easily transportable set of seeds in a foil pouch to plant in honor of your special day. This design is perfect for save the dates, wedding shower invitations or thank you favors for your wedding.




Plantable Wedding Confetti





These adorable seed paper confetti options are perfect for a green wedding toss instead of rice or as favors for your guests. You can choose up to three colors of paper per order, to create your ideal wedding blend. The unique shapes include everything from winter evergreen trees to endangered elephants. Nature Favors also offers seed paper confetti pieces on customized cards, like these butterfly wedding favor cards, allowing your favors to double as thank you notes or even to be used as save-the-dates or shower invites.




Tree Seedlings





Help your guests give back and offset the carbon footprint of your event at the same time, gifting everyone small tree seedlings to plant in your honor. Tree Beginnings offers tree favors in rustic burlap bags and Nature Favors sells individually wrapped tree favors in a sleeker tube design.





For more plantable wedding favor options, visit the Green Bride Guide shop.