Wedding Planning

How to Register in a Hurry

Short on time? Don’t sweat it.

Maybe you’re having a short engagement, or maybe you just want to plow through your to-do list. Either way, it’s totally possible to register for wedding gifts quickly. Whether you need a lot or a little, here are three ways to register fast. Whatever method you choose, keep two things in mind. First, be conscious of your guests’ varying budgets by choosing gifts that fall into different price ranges. Second, ensure that there are enough options so that everyone on your list has a few to choose from.


Keep Things Simple

Choosing colors and patterns takes time. Instead, register for basics—like dishes and towels—in neutral shades. You can add more personality to your home later on. Similarly, only register for what you need. For now, stick to outfitting your home with the essentials.

Have Some Fun

What if you don’t need that much? Figure out what you don’t already have, then fill in the gaps. After that, you can move on to the fun stuff. There’s no hard rule that your registry needs to consist of only home goods, and picking things that align with your hobbies and interests will be a breeze.

Consider Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon registries are less conventional, but they might make sense in terms of your schedule. Whether you’re planning a minimoon or an extended vacation, they let you divvy up the cost of your travels. For example, you can split the price of airfare ten ways, ask for tickets to fun activities at your destination, or get gift cards to the restaurants you want to visit. Planning your honeymoon and your registry simultaneously saves you a ton of time.