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Register with Bloomingdale’s & Enter to Win a $1,000 Gift Card!

When you register with Bloomingdale’s, you can enter to win a chance for a $1000 gift card! With their world-class selection of products and terrific style, a Bloomingdale’s registry is already a great experience. But here are a few of the many perks you receive when you register:

Personalized Help

To guide you through the registry process, Bloomingdale’s has a staff of personal registry consultants that can help you figure out what must-haves should be on your list!

Incentives to Complete Your Registry

You will not only save money when you purchase items off your registry list after the big day, but you can also be eligible for ‘splurge cards’ with minimum purchase.

Thank You Note Assistance

It’s the worst when you can remember who sent you what. Bloomingdale’s will send you a printed list so that you can send thoughtful (and accurate) thank you notes!

Start registering here to enter to win a $1000 gift card!