Wedding Planning

Registry Items That You’ll Actually Use

Why fill your gift list with things that’ll go to waste?

Building a wedding registry is truly an art form. The goal is to supply your home with a balance of necessities and other wants, which sounds a lot easier than it is. It’s tough to create a stock list of everything that you already have, and then try to fill in the blanks. And figuring out what you’ll actually use can be even harder. For that problem, consult the below suggestions, which are basically guaranteed to get attention during your married lives, and are therefore worth registering for.


Things That You Can Use Together

When it comes to marriage, it takes two, and that also applies to using your wedding gifts. If you both love what’s on your wishlist, the chances double that the items won’t collect dust. Bonus points for presents that you can literally use at the same time—if you enjoy cooking in unison, kitchen gadgets can help you bond, for example. We like this dishwasher-safe, stovetop-to-oven frypan for that purpose.

Things That Complement Your Lifestyle

When it comes to fashion, experts suggest buying clothes for the body that you have, rather than the body that you want. It’s the same idea for your wedding registry. Instead of packing your list with items that’d suit the lifestyle that you think you should have, it might be best to focus on presents that suit the lifestyle that you currently have. That way, they’ll be put to use immediately—not later, or maybe never. A perfect example? This quality microwave for people who aren’t the couple above, and know that they’re more likely to heat up leftovers than to make something themselves.

Things That Are Everyday Essentials

A place to sleep, something to eat off of, and the likes are must-haves for most. So, consider paying the most attention to things like bedding and dishes. That being said, don’t register for multiple sets if you know that you won’t give them equal opportunities to see the light of day. Try this standard down comforter that’s resistant to losing its shape.