Wedding Planning

Same-Sex Weddings: The Processional

Tips for a beautiful same-sex wedding processional. 

For many engaged same-sex couples, the wedding tradition they struggle with most when planning their event is the processional. Here are a few suggestions:

Walk in together. The symbolism of this is beautiful in both gay and straight weddings. You are walking into this marriage together. This is also a nice way to dodge the issue of unsupportive parents on one side or both.

That being said, make sure to include supportive parents. You can have both brides or grooms walk in with their parents. If you are opting to walk in together, take a moment at the beginning of the processional to walk in your parents. Remember, they never thought this day would come either!

Skip the processional. If the idea of walking down the aisle is so not your thing, there is no reason to have a processional at all. Simply walk the perimeter to the altar or ceremony site and begin there.

And last but not least, you can always opt to stick with tradition.  If one of you wants the spotlight moment of walking down the aisle, go for it. Absolutely.

Photo Credit: Drozian Photoworks