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Signs You Found the Right Wedding Photographer

Signs You Found the Right Wedding Photographer

Think you found the right wedding photographer? Here are a few ways to know for sure.

Your wedding photographer is, without a doubt, one of the most important wedding vendors you’ll hire for your big day. After all, they are capturing all those moments you’ve worked so hard to plan and create! Here are a few ways to tell if you’ve already found the right person to photograph your nuptials.


You Love Their Photography Style

Are you into classic wedding photography? A fine art look? All film, all the time? Make sure that, no matter your preference, you track down a photographer whose aesthetic and photos sweep you off your feet. Remember, you’ll be the smiling couple in those images before you know it!

You Know Exactly What Their Packages Include

While it’s not always possible to find the specific cost and details of different photographers’ packages and offerings online, the right photographer will be able to get you that information upon request, or when you sit down to chat in person. Make sure you don’t have any questions, and that all the information is perfectly clear before signing a contract.

They’re a Good Fit for Your Budget

It’s easy to spend a big chunk of your budget on wedding photographer—and this is certainly one area of wedding planning where you don’t want to cut corners! However, just because photography is important to you doesn’t mean you should blow your entire budget on it (unless, of course, you’re planning a picture-perfect elopement and don’t have other costs to consider). When you find someone whose work you love, but who doesn’t put extra stress on your budget, you can consider it a match made in heaven.

You Could Get Coffee Together

You don’t actually have to get coffee together, but you definitely do want to ensure you photographer is a wedding vendor you truly enjoy spending time with. This is the person you’ll be interacting with all day long, starting with the ceremony and going through cocktail hour and beyond. If your personalities don’t mesh, or you feel uncomfortable around your photographer, there’s also a chance it will come through in your photos.

They Know How to Listen

A great photographer won’t just tell you about their work. They’ll ask you questions about your relationship, wedding, and vision, and they’ll really listen to your answers. They’ll take the time to get to know the two of you, and they’ll be able to give you a clearer idea of what your wedding photos will look like.

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