Wedding Planning

How to Simplify Your Wedding Registry

And to avoid feeling completely overwhelmed.

While some brides thoroughly enjoy the shopping spree experience of registering for wedding gifts, others dread it. Who would have thought that registering could be so overwhelming? There are often so many different things that could end up on your wish list, especially if you and your future spouse have just moved into your first home. You’ll want to make sure that you two are prepared for your future together, but you also don’t want to overdo it and wind up with items that you don’t want or like ten years down the road. Here are several solutions to make your registry process simpler and less stressful. When it’s time to create the list, you’ll be completely prepared and in control.


Don’t worry about finding ‘forever pieces.’

Because wedding registries are all about ‘forever’ gifts, it can add a lot of pressure. If you find it frustrating and intimidating trying to find products that you are going to love, 10, 20, 50 years from now, relax. Yes, couples usually register for high-quality, timeless gifts that will last throughout their life together. However, if that is too daunting and you find yourself unable to make a decision, stick to basics. You can always use classic white dinnerware or a set of glass bowls. Don’t focus on the most expensive items—focus on the ones you know that you will use no matter what. Register for simple pieces, and later on if you find your forever china pattern, invest then.

If you already have everything you need (and most of what you want), get creative.

The two of you have lived on your own for quite some time. Not only do you have everything already, but you really love what you have and aren’t in a hurry to replace anything. However, you like the idea of a traditional registry. You’d like it even more if you could just figure out what to register for. No one ever said your registry has to be filled with dinnerware, furniture, or new martini glasses. You can always use your registry to stock up on basics, such as votive candles, bed sheets, or a couple more towels to match your existing stockpile.

If you have different tastes, indulge your own.

You and your honey hit up the local department store and couldn’t agree on one single thing. If the two of you can’t seem to come to a consensus on everything from color palettes to whether or not you actually need a gravy boat, there’s no reason you can’t register for what you each love. You’ve got a green thumb? Forget the dinnerware and register for a succulent stand. He considers himself quite the mixologist? Then he will absolutely love a DIY bitters set. There’s no reason you have to pick your couple style this very moment. And there is no reason everything in your home has to coordinate. You’ll figure it out. Until then, you can each go through your registry and select things that make you happy.