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Stylish Picks for the Modern Wedding Registry

Stylish Picks for the Modern Wedding Registry

Amp up your interior design game with these modern wedding registry picks.

Gold Leaf Geometric Framed Print - Pottery Barn Wedding Registry

Geometric Prints

It’s a trend we love to see (especially in wedding décor) and thankfully, we don’t think it will disappear anytime soon. From abstract shelving units to unique prints, a few geometric elements can add a distinct point of visual interest to any room.

Gray Wash Lattice Mirror - Pottery Barn Wedding Registry

Patterned Mirrors

Don’t limit your mirror usage to getting ready in the morning or putting together an outfit. Scalloped and lattice patterned mirrors not only add texture to your walls but also add a lot of dimension to any room. For blank walls, line up a few simple designs that are proportional in size to stylishly “expand” your smaller spaces.

Reflection Black Metal Centerpiece - Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry

Zen Vibes

Even if you aren’t going for rustic style, it doesn’t hurt to add some tranquility to your home through nature. A simple and minimalist idea includes filling a centerpiece with soy candles and succulents, or create your own mini rock garden, as indoor or outdoor table décor.

Belgian Flax Linen Contrast Flange Duvet Cover & Sham - Pottery B

Neutral Tones

When it comes to designing with modern style in mind, monochromatic palettes and minimalist details go hand in hand. If you want a more serene bedroom, take these two into account as you pick items for your wedding registry. White-on-white and neutrals are classic color schemes taking modern homes by storm. Add simple furniture pieces to the mix for a stylish space you’ll never want to leave.

Pelliccia Ivory 16

Mix & Match

If you’re worried a monochromatic scheme will seem boring as time goes on, spice it up with mismatched décor. Incorporate a few different patterned pillows, wall art or floor rugs all within a similar color palette. You can even add a statement piece using a unique texture, like a faux fur pillow or rug.

Faux Fur Throw - Pottery Barn Wedding Registry

Faux Fur

Not only is it sooo comfy, but a faux fur throw brings a sense of luxury to any setting. For a home that looks and feels great, you’ll want to make sure to add this – along with some matching pillows – to your modern wedding registry.

Bridgehampton Outdoor Sofa - Williams-Sonoma Wedding Registry

Black & White

For a bolder modern scheme, you can never go wrong with black and white elements. Shown here, a striped rug and lattice pillows add plenty of contrast to any outdoor living space.

Gold Monogram Double Old-Fashioned Glasses - Williams-Sonoma Wedding Registry

Metallic Details

There are plenty of ways to make a room truly sparkle using metals. With the growing popularity of earthy styles, matte and gilded room accessories have made their way into modern décor. If you want to incorporate a little extra shine into your new barware, consider hammered copper mugs or gold-rimmed bar glassware.

Beige Marble Stand - Williams-Sonoma Wedding Registry


Chic and sturdy, marble combines both style and practicality. However, it doesn’t always come cheap. If marble countertops in the kitchen aren’t financially an option for you now, include it in smaller doses. Adding some marble-inspired artwork or marble kitchen accessories to your wedding registry is a great place to start. For a wine and cheese night, a display like this will complement the food quite nicely.

Palm Impression Framed Print - Pottery Barn Wedding Registry


The look of watercolor adds rich warmth to any décor style. Following the tropical trend that’s taking the world by storm, this palm leaf artwork is a prime example of not one, but two modern crazes. Do any of these ideas catch your eye? Be sure to add them to your wedding registry!