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The 3 People Who Should Have Access to Your Wedding Website

The 3 People Who Should Have Access to Your Wedding Website

Besides you, of course!

Planning a wedding takes a village, so it’s a good thing to have a solid team by your side. You’ve trusted that team with virtually every wedding-related decision—it’s natural that you’d trust them with your wedding website, too. If you were thinking that you were going to manage the website yourself, consider this: When you’re in full-blown planning mode, do you really have time (or want) to manage a website? Probably not. Here are the three people who should have the passwords to and the tech know-how for your wedding website.


Your fiancé.

Since you’re about to create a new life together, start with creating a website together. What you’re sharing on the site should be a joint-endeavor—and so should maintaining it. Chances are, your betrothed is the person you’ll turn to if you need a fresh tally of the latest virtual RSVPs, so giving them access is a must.

A parent or sibling.

If you still call your mom first for every single life event or emergency, it’s probably a good idea to put her on the wedding website contact list. If Mom (or Dad, for that matter!) isn’t tech-savvy, consider asking your sibling to help out when needed—or to help upload those sweet engagement photos.

Your wedding planner.

If you choose to give any the wedding website codes, let it be your wedding planner. Since their job is to (literally) plan your big day—and make your life significantly easier in the planning phase—allowing them to update the site with relevant, timely information will take just one more thing off your to-do list.