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The Best Wedding Registry Ideas for Travel Lovers

Got a serious case of wanderlust? These wedding registry picks are just for you.

travel registry 1

Worldwide Adventures

When you’re not busy traveling the globe, make room for it in your own home. Check off your international destinations with a world map canvas to hang on the wall.

travel registry 3

Pack Your Bags

As seasoned travelers, you can’t forget the basics. Use your wedding registry to invest in some quality luggage like a hardcover collection.

travel registry 2

Jet Setting Ready

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to add some flair to your new luggage. Fun tags like these are guaranteed to stand out the next time you’re looking for your suitcases at the baggage claim.

travel registry 4

Tech Savvy

From scuba diving the reefs to shredding the Rockies, you’ll have plenty of uses for a GoPro wherever you go. Don’t forget to pack this one for your honeymoon. 

travel registry 5

Sound Off

Kick back, relax and drown out the sound of airplane jets with a pair of Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones. If you’re often catching flights, these are must-haves.

travel registry 6

Space Saver

One of the most annoying parts of traveling? The packing and unpacking. Make it easier to pack up and leave with an organized toiletries bag that hangs up just about anywhere.

travel registry 7

Adaptive Appliances

If you travel the world often, you probably know the struggles of finding outlets to fit your electronics. Be ready no matter where you go with a portable adapter.

travel registry 8

Book Accessories

Whether you’re reading maps on the road or books while camping, keep this gadget handy. Not only does this LED book light clamp right on the page, it won’t burn out  quickly.

travel registry 9

Outdoor Bound

A lot of gear goes along with camping or backpacking, so make it as easy as possible to carry. Rain, snow or shine, be prepared with a weather-resistant pop-up tent.

travel registry 10

Travel Funds

Already got everything on this list? Consider a honeymoon registry instead. It’ll help you cover costs for your post-wedding vacay so you can splurge on those off-site excursions.

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