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The Best Wedding Registry Items for Wine Lovers

The Best Wedding Registry Items for Wine Lovers

A wedding registry for oenophiles? Sure, wine not! All wordplay aside, here are some of our favorite picks courtesy of our registry partners.

wine registry 1

Tasteful Décor

Put your vino on display long after the bottle’s empty with a creative cork sign. For a wedding decoration to hang in your home afterwards, you could try this idea with your last initial instead.

wine registry 2

Wine Goggles Tested

Perfect for your bar area, this creative print is an innovative way to check your vision after a glass or two. If red isn’t your preference, there’s a print just for white wine enthusiasts, too.

wine registry 3

Pure Bliss

For the true conoisseurs, invest in a purifier to restore the natural taste of wine. This option fits right on the glass for easy serving and sipping.

wine registry 4

Simple Storage

Hosting a party? Keep your selections and glasses organized with a wine caddy for your tabletop area.

wine registry 5

Double Duty

Honestly, this is probably the coolest wine chiller ever (no pun intended). Not only does it serve its main purpose, you can freeze fruits or flowers within it to create a pretty centerpiece.

wine registry 6

The Corkcicle

Another clever concept, the name of this product really says it all. Seriously, is there any better way to lower your wine’s temperature fast?

wine registry 7

Wines of the World

Expand your cultural horizons with this colorful set of plates. Each piece represents one of the world’s best wine producing locations.

wine registry 8

Sip in Style

His and hers items are classic additions to any wedding registry. These stylish Kate Spade wine glasses make the perfect pair.

wine registry 9

Wine Country

There are wine racks, and then there are wine dispensers. This wall-mounted barrel adds a little Napa Valley (or whatever your favorite wine destination may be) to any room.

wine registry 10

On Display

But if a wine rack is more your style, choose a practical one. This one blends right into your kitchen storage with easy mobility.

wine registry 11

Metallic Dimensions

At some point, the grape juices need to stop flowing. When you’ve reached that time, preserve your wine with these snug wine stoppers.

wine registry 12

Bottle Necessities

Sometimes opening a bottle of wine isn’t as simple as it looks. Remove any cork with ease using an electric wine bottle opener.

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