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This Is How Often You Should Update Your Wedding Registry

This Is How Often You Should Update Your Wedding Registry

Keep your wedding registry updated with these quick tips.

You’ve built your wedding website, added your favorite retailers or registry alternatives, and created the wish list of your wedding registry dreams. But your gift-getting work isn’t over yet. One often-overlooked wedding planning detail is keeping your registry current. That means going back in to take a look at your lists and making sure there are still gift ideas out there for your friends and family to consider. Why is this extra step so essential? Keeping your registry updated, and even adding new items from time to time, will give your guests one important thing: options. And they’ll love it. Here are three times to update your registry before you say ‘I do.’


When You Share It

But wait, didn’t you just create your registry? Yes. However, before you send out that link (or, better yet, add it to your wedding website where everyone can find it with ease), make sure you’re totally on board with every item on the list. You can also take one more look to assess real wish-list items, or add or remove items you’re still on the fence about.

After the Shower

While not all bridal or couples’ showers include a multitude of gifts, there’s a good chance your shower attendees will clean out your registry. Make sure you take a look at your personalized registry after the event to ensure there are still ideas out there for any guests who may still be planning to invest in a gift for the two of you.

Before the Wedding

Picture this: It’s the day before a friend’s wedding, and you realize you haven’t purchased a gift for the happy couple—but you still want to. We’ve all been there. Save the last-minute planners and procrastinators from the stress of taking a look at your registry and discovering it’s all purchased (or only finding super-expensive or super-tiny gifts) by making time to update your wish list one last time before the big day.

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