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This Is the Best Way to Share Your Wedding Registry

This Is the Best Way to Share Your Wedding Registry

How to share your wedding registry the easy way.

Sharing your wedding registry can feel like quite the etiquette dilemma. It’s still considered impolite for the engaged couple to send registry information directly to their guest list, but sometimes the information gets lost in the shuffle. And no matter when or how you tie the knot, there will always be friends and family members who want to celebrate the occasion by sending you a gift (or two).


So what’s a soon-to-be married couple to do? Instead of stressing, there are a few simple solutions to keep in mind. First, make sure anyone hosting a bridal or couples’ shower has the details on your pre-wedding wish list. They’ll be able to pass that information along to your shower guest list while still staying etiquette-approved. Second, let the details flow via word of mouth. As long as your immediate family and bridal party know where you’ve set up a registry, word will get around!

Still, there’s one way to share your wedding registry that leaves all the other options in the dust: add it to your wedding website. It’s safe to say almost every guest on your invitation list will visit your wedding website at least once, if not several times, especially if you’ve requested guests RSVP online. Attendees will also be seeking out the details on your future spouse, your wedding party, and your travel recommendations. Which makes adding a link to your wedding registry not only easy for you, but also effective for your guests.

Not to brag too much, but once you have a wedding website design you love, your registry links will also look kind of amazing tucked in among your essential wedding details. In other words: problem solved. Now all you have to do is start shopping…but that’s the fun part, right?

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