Wedding Planning

Tough Weddings to Plan For

Sometimes, when you fall in love and decide to get married, the stars just seem to align.

Sometimes, when you fall in love and decide to get married, the stars just seem to align. You find the perfect venue, it’s available on your perfect date, the dress, the shoes, the centerpieces, your family…everything and everyone is just like clockwork and it all manages to fit neatly into your schedule.

But sometimes, unfortunately, certain things are out of your control. Take, for example, my younger brother. He met, fell in love with, and is now engaged to a lovely young woman – who happens to be from Canada. However, this means that for them to get married and her to legally move into the country, they had to apply (and wait…and wait…and wait…okay, so they’re still waiting) for a fiancé visa.

Ultimately what this means is that they have no idea when exactly they’ll be able to be married, but they know that they want to get married as soon as possible, and that once the visa comes through they’ll have a pretty narrow window of opportunity anyway.

How on earth, I ask you, is one to plan a wedding on a timeline that is entirely beyond one’s control? Especially, specifically, how is one to find a venue? As they’ve started trying to plan what they can, and as we’ve all brainstormed the options, we’ve come up with a short, simple list of thoughts. And just in case the boat you’re in looks anything like the boat they’re in…well, I wish you patience and maybe a little bit of luck and, by the way, here are a few tips!

1. If you can, find a venue that you can control. For example, Uncle Joe’s lakeside cottage would be ideal. Or your cousin’s cabin in the mountains. Or maybe just the cute park down the street. That way you won’t have to worry about someone who knows exactly when they can tie the knot sneaking in and booking it before you.

2. If you can’t find a venue that you can control, find several venues that you like. Give yourself options. From that cozy restaurant the two of you love to the fantastic clock tower downtown with the breathtaking view of the city skyline, do your best to find more than one place in which you would be excited to say ‘I do.’

3. Think centrally. Especially if your loved ones are as spread out as mine are. If everyone is going to be buying last-minute plane tickets, do you want to find a location that lets everyone meet in the middle? Or is it going to be simplest, because everyone is going to have to pack up their bags anyway, to plan the big day for your current hometown?

Happy planning!


Photo Credit: The Weaver House