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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips: Five Things to Remember

Wedding dresses – long, white, short, blush, these gowns are almost all one thing. Beautiful.

Wedding dresses – long, white, short, blush, these gowns are almost all one thing. Beautiful. The emotions and memories associated with wedding dresses are some of the strongest…and who doesn’t like the idea of an afternoon spent with your favorite women, some fancy gowns and a sip or two of champagne? If wedding dress shopping is the next to-do on your agenda we’ve got five wedding dress shopping tips that will help you enjoy your adventure from the top of your veiled head to the lace (or satin, or silk) train on your gown.

1. Choose your dress shopping friends carefully. It can be tempting to bring a crowd of women with you dress shopping, but sometimes adding more opinions to the mix can make your decision more difficult. To play it safe, bring a couple of people you love and trust – and who you are sure will be both honest about the dresses you try on and supportive of what you’re looking for and ultimately choose.

2. Know yourself. Have a sense of the larger theme and style of your wedding in mind when you go shopping. If your wedding is going to be outdoor, or more on the casual side, skip the heavy beading and satin – and vice versa for black tie celebrations. Also make sure that what you pick feels like you. If you don’t like wearing strapless tops or dresses, don’t feel pressured to pick one for your wedding just because they seem popular.

3. Keep an open mind. This might seem to contradict the last point, but it’s every bit as important. Once you’ve explained your ideas to your consultant feel free to take her suggestions into account. It’s also good to try on a variety of silhouettes before you make your final decision so you can see clearly what looks best on your body type and with your personal style.

4. Start shopping sooner than you think. It can take several months for your wedding dress to arrive once you’ve ordered it – and that’s before you even get to your alterations! The last thing you want to be stressing out about two weeks before your wedding is your dress, so give yourself plenty of time for shopping and fitting.

5. Choose a dress you love today. When you’re trying on dresses try to picture yourself wearing them down the aisle today. Do you feel beautiful and comfortable? Can you move, dance, sit down without worrying about it being stiff or more revealing than you’d like? Pick the dress that you love on your body right now – alterations can always help you adjust if you get extra-fit for your wedding day.

Looking for dress shopping inspiration? We’ve got beading, statement backs and sleeves all lined up – take your pick!

Photo credit: Paper Antler