Wedding Planning

Simple Wedding Planning Tips to Save Your Budget

You have the date and a dress, but what about your wedding budget?

It’s happened: the love of your life dropped to one knee (or, you know, some variation of that) and slipped a ring on your finger and all of a sudden you have a date set, a dress to find and a wedding to plan from top to bottom. Sometimes, I hear, this can be a little bit overwhelming. Especially when it comes to one simple detail: the paycheck.

But whether you’re up and running with money to spare or you’re on a tight budget that feels like it’s just getting tighter and tighter every day, there are several up-front and very easy things you can keep in mind as you begin to pin down the details that will inevitably save whomever is footing the bill at least a little bit of dough. Here are the best ways to manage your wedding budget without feeling overwhelmed.


Timing Matters

First, think about when you’re getting married. Choosing an off-season (for example, not mid-summer or holiday weekend) date will immediately cut the costs of your desired venue, possibly quite significantly. The same goes for having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday as opposed to picking Saturday night for your celebration.

Consider Your Guest List

The next potential savings-point involves something that is usually just a touch more emotionally charged: your guest list. However, this is also one of the quickest ways to lower the overall cost of your wedding, particularly if you’re planning on a dinner-and-drinks-and-dancing reception. A note of caution – know your budget boundaries here, but keep in mind that you may have to pick your battles wisely.

Use the Right Tools

It’s essential to also make sure you’re using the best, most cost-effective wedding planning tools. Start with a free wedding website. Not only will you save money with your website choice, you can use your wedding website to manage things like RSVPs and travel details too. Win-win! You should also look into tools that will actively help you manage your wedding details, like this budget tool.

Update Your Event

Finally, something that can almost perfectly be explained by two words: contemplate cocktails. What I mean by this is that more and more people are eschewing the traditional wedding agenda in favor of personalized variations, whether that’s because of a smaller budget or entirely personal preference. Think about turning your reception into a cocktail hour with drinks (insert signature beverage here!), appetizers and music. Or maybe dessert is really your thing and you want to forgo a sit-down meal in favor of chocolate torte.

In the end, even within the bounds of a budget, the sky is the limit. With a little bit of creativity, a touch of flexibility and just a pinch of planning, figuring out what your perfect day looks like and keeping your wallet in excellent shape is easier than sneaking away from your reception with a torte in your handbag. Still not sure where to start? Begin by picking your favorite free wedding website theme