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What Colors Not to Wear to a Wedding

What Colors Not to Wear to a Wedding

When it comes to dressing for a wedding, you might be feeling a little uncertain about what to wear.  Here is everything you need to look your best.



It’s fine if white is incorporated into a dress pattern, but you shouldn’t wear anything all-white or bridal-inspired.  There are plenty of other colors, you don’t need to be matchy-matchy with the bride!  So, by all means, wear the cute white and blue striped sundress. But don’t wear the floor-length tiered lace number.





So this color is tricky. For a long time wearing black was a wedding no-no.  Now, a LBD is considered perfectly acceptable as wedding attire. If you do wear black, make sure the dress doesn’t resemble something one might wear in mourning. Have you worn that dress to a funeral?  Put it back in your closet and find something else.  BTW, black is also something to avoid if you have disapproved of the wedding in any way.



Wedding Party Colors


Some brides are very vocal about their wedding colors.  If she told you that the bridesmaids are wearing coral, don’t go out of your way to match them.  The wedding party usually serve as helping hands during the event. It might confuse guests if you are in the same color. Of course, if the bride doesn’t let her guests know her wedding colors, there is no faux pas involved if you happen to show up in the same shade.





Don’t wear anything that will take attention away from the bride. If you are wearing a neon green dress, you will be obvious in every picture. You don’t have to be demure, but you shouldn’t be your most fashion extroverted self when choosing your dress.  Yes, you are single and ready to mingle, but this isn’t the club, friends.




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