Wedding Planning

What Should You Put in Your Welcome Bags?

Treat your out-of-town guests.

Many couples having destination weddings choose to welcome their guests to the location with a goodie bag (or basket, or box, etc.) of items that’ll make them feel, well, welcome. Think of them as upgraded favors, that both thank attendees for traveling, and help them settle in. What goes into a wedding welcome package? We suggest these five things.


Something Local

Get celebrants excited about where they are with a present that represents the venue or the surrounding area. This might mean a touristy trinket, but it can really be anything that’s either locally-made or locally-themed.

Something Tasty

They won’t have to spend extra on something like room service if they’ve got a snack or two available to them. A beverage, a bite, or a mix of both is a great way to show some hospitality.  

Something Helpful

The gifts shouldn’t all be fun, however. It’s useful to add in maps, itineraries, and anything else that might come of service to your guests throughout their time at your destination. If you don’t want to give out a ton of paper goods, you can always include a little slip with the URL to your wedding website, and direct them there for information.

Something Just in Case

Packing for a trip isn’t easy (you’ll know when you prep for your honeymoon). Your attendees may have forgotten something, so providing an emergency kit is always a nice gesture. This can include basics (like bandages), location-specific items (like sunscreen for a beach celebration), or both.

Something Personal

Every gift is better with a card accompanying it. It’s courteous to welcome your celebrants with words, not just presents. If you can, drop handwritten notes in each package.

Credit:   Jodi Miller Photography