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What to Buy if Your Friend’s Registry is Too Expensive

What to Buy if Your Friend’s Registry is Too Expensive

You want to buy your friend a gift she’ll love, and you know she’s registered. But when you go to select a present, you find that every single item is far out of your budget. Indeed, one of the most frustrating things you can encounter on a registry is a couple that hasn’t selected multiple gifts at a wide range of price points (or not updated them enough in the months before their wedding). So, what to do? Here are a few suggestions on how to purchase present despite an expensive registry list.






Do you know their hobbies?


For those friends that you know really well, you most likely have some idea of how they spend their downtime. Many couples don’t account for their hobbies on their registry list, so these gifts will be very welcomed. Purchase movie night snacks and an Amazon gift card for downloads for the couple that loves to play couch potato on the weekends. Buy trail maps and new water bottles for the weekend hikers. Whatever they love to do, find something to correspond. It’ll make them smile, and they won’t even notice you disregarded their registry.



Look to their registry for inspiration.


Just because you can’t purchase a specific gift from their registry doesn’t mean you can’t peruse it for ideas. Their list should give you some indication of their style and home decor colors. Find similar or complementary gifts at a store or price point you can afford. Particularly if it’s from the same place as their registry, most companies have generous return policies for their clients. If they don’t love what you’ve given them, they will love the return credit it provides toward another gift!



There’s nothing wrong with a gift card or cash.


Nowadays money gifts aren’t taboo. You can buy a gift card to where they’re registered, or to a popular restaurant nearby. Don’t be self-conscious about the amount. You can afford what you can and it’s a gift they’ll be grateful for.



What will they use all the time?


Much the same way you buy diapers for a friend’s baby shower, there are plenty of household items that every couple will use frequently. Couples that spend a lot of time in the kitchen will go through their fair share of wooden spoons, glass storage containers, and olive oil. If you know they love to spend time in their garden, they can never have enough clean pairs of gloves or foam kneeling pads. Simply buy something along these lines!