Wedding Planning

Your Wedding Day Survival Kit: Everything to Help You Get Ready

What should you bring with you to get ready for your wedding day? We’ve got a list to help you remember everything you’ll need.

Medications & First Aid

Bring whatever medications you need on a daily basis, such as allergy medication. In addition, pack a few pain reliever pills in case of a headache, and a decongestant in case of happy tear-induced swollen sinuses. Because shaving mishaps or other minor accidents always seem to happen at inconvenient times, you should also pack basic first-aid supplies.

Beauty Products

Okay, so it’s your wedding day, so you’ll probably break out a suitcase to fit all of your beauty products. But, realistically, you don’t need all that in your wedding day survival kit. If you aren’t using a makeup artist, practice your wedding day look several times through so that you can know exactly which products to bring, no more or less. Also, don’t bring anything (body lotion, facial scrub, sunscreen) that you’ve never tried before.


Much like your makeup, don’t wait until your wedding day to make the final decision between veil and headband, drop earrings or studs, etc. Go through your wedding day look beforehand. Although, it is wise to bring a spare pair of more comfortable shoes in case you need a little relief during the reception, as well as comfy clothes to wear as you get ready (remember to wear a button up shirt or one with a very stretchy collar so that you won’t disturb your hair and makeup).

Personal Items

Want to write your future spouse a sweet note to pass to him before the wedding? Do you value journaling and want to record your thoughts on your wedding day? Perhaps you would prefer to pack framed pictures of relatives that can only be with you in spirit. Think about what you want with you as you get ready and take a few select items to help you stay stress-free and joyous.


Getting ready is also about having a great time with your favorite friends. Whether you want to give your bridesmaids floral robes and flip flops to wear during a wedding morning dance party, or you all want to leisurely enjoy mimosas and donuts over pedicures, the morning before your wedding is a wonderful time.

Important Extras

Your wedding day survival kit is for more than just you. There are certain things that are always a good idea to bring for your bridal party. For example, small items like breath mints, tweezers, tampons, and heel pads for uncomfortable shoes will all be appreciated by a bridesmaid in need.