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Alex and Mary’s French-Inspired Wedding in Murfreesboro, TN by Mary Rosenbaum Photography

What a lovely way to start the week! Alex and Mary’s wedding was inspired by Mary’s time living in France, so there is lots of lace, macarons, and towering floral arrangements. Thank you so much to Mary Rosenbaum for sharing this beautiful Tennessee day with us!

What a lovely way to start the week! Alex and Mary’s wedding was inspired by Mary’s time living in France, so there is lots of lace, macarons, and towering floral arrangements. Thank you so much to Mary Rosenbaum for sharing this beautiful Tennessee day with us!

What was the vision for your wedding?
I was a French major in college and lived in France for a year after graduation.  In a happy coincidence, our wedding ending up being on Bastille Day! The celebration included many French elements as a nod to my time there: French provincial blue tones, macarons and other French-themed food, and hosting the reception at home (tres francais!).  I wore the emerald necklace that Alex gave me when he came to visit while I was living in France.


My “something blue” was a ring that I borrowed from my maid of honor and sister Ann.  Also, we got married in the church where I just grew up, and they had just completed the installation of a stunning new organ, and we were thrilled that our wedding was the first public playing of the instrument. We proudly displayed alma mater pride with a groom’s cake themed for Vanderbilt University (where we met & where both sets of our parents met)!  We also surprised guests with gourmet ice cream from Jeni’s Ice Cream, a Nashville favorite.

Did your wedding location hold a specific significance to you?

The wedding ceremony was at my childhood church where my parents are still very active, and the reception was at my childhood home!  This was very special for us, particularly my family. The tent in our backyard with the band and the dance floor felt so unreal because it felt like a beautiful banquet hall but I knew we were at my house!  It was also really special to get to throw my bouquet from the front balcony, kiss my parents, run down the stairs I’d run down so many times and then out the front door with my new husband.

What was the most meaningful part of your day?

Nothing can beat the first dance!  Everything about the day was special, including lots of really neat time with my family, but getting to dance on the beautiful dance floor with my new husband was top.  I’ll never forget dancing with him & looking around at all of our friends and family celebrating with us.
Did anything funny or out of the ordinary happen?

Nothing too out of the ordinary- it did rain most of the day before the wedding, so in retrospect it was pretty funny to see my dad out in the backyard all afternoon helping the tent team dig trenches to try to keep it from getting muddy under the tent.  Also, I totally undershot my bouquet toss from our front balcony (it was really high & I was afraid of overshooting!), so my wedding planner grabbed it and ran back up the stairs so I could toss it again.  She was a saint.
Tell us details of the events surrounding the wedding…

We had all of our family and the wedding party come in town on Thursday night.  My husband did his bachelor party that night with friends, and my family threw a big barbeque for all my side of the family and bridesmaids.  On Friday, we had the bridesmaids’ luncheon at my mom’s best friend’s home, then all of the bridesmaids and I went to get our nails done. We went to the rehearsal at the church, then headed to Nashville for a big rehearsal dinner in the barn at beautiful Belle Meade Plantation.

How did you know your partner was ‘the one’?

My husband and I are both pretty practical, but we’d both say that we knew from the very beginning that the relationship was going places.  We met at our freshman orientation for college but never really crossed paths again until junior year (despite many mutual friends).  We had a class together after we both got back from study abroad and Alex sat next to me every day.  We dated pretty seriously all through senior year, and when I decided to move to France to teach English for a year after graduation, Alex said that he was willing to wait for me to get back.  After a year of inter-country dating and the spark never going away, we pretty much knew that we were meant to be.  I moved to Atlanta where Alex was in the summer when I got back from France and we got engaged right before Christmas.

Any advice you’d give new brides who are just getting started?

I’d say to decide at the very beginning what’s most important to you about the wedding, just a few things that are really going to make it or break it for you.  Work on getting those things straightened out early and then just go with the flow on the rest of it!  It’s too sweet a time with your family and future spouse to get upset about minor details.  For me it was the band and the flow of the day (making sure to get time with family & friends).  All of the other details were frosting on the cake!  Also, if you have the budget, go for a wedding planner or day-of coordinator.  They are SO great for taking the pressure off of you and your family leading up to the wedding.



Photography: Mary Rosenbaum Photographs
Ceremony: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Wedding Planner: Big Events Wedding
Dress: Allure Bridals, Bride Beautiful (Atlanta, GA)
Bridesmaids: J. Crew
Tuxedos: Jos. A Banks
Catering: Kristen Winston Catering
Cakes: Dessert Designs
Macarons: Provence Breads
Ice Cream Sandwiches: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
Band: Atlanta All-Stars