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13 Creative, Non-Floral Wedding Table Centerpiece Alternatives

13 Creative, Non-Floral Wedding Table Centerpiece Alternatives
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There’s no rule that says you have to decorate your wedding tables with tidy tea roses in charming vases, nor must you shell out the big bucks for a slew of extravagant floral arrangements. That may be a tradition, but the modern bride has broken so many rules that even the traditional centerpiece is no longer a requirement. The fact of the matter is, you can do whatever you want, and there are plenty of unique and lovely alternatives from which to choose. Whether you decide to dress up your wedding tables with ostrich feathers, sailboats, coral, lanterns or some other chic objet d’art, online shops like Etsy (US), World Market, Walmart and more have got you covered.



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Ostrich Feather Eiffel Tower Centerpiece


If glamour is your thing, then this Eiffel Tower centerpiece topped with fluffy, white ostrich feathers is the remedy. It’s Paris and the Roaring Twenties all rolled into one.

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DecMode Coastal White Coral Table Sculpture with Rectangular Base


We can almost smell the salty ocean spray in this naturalistic coral sculpture suspended on a modern rectangular base. It’s perfect for a beach wedding.

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Mandala Sculpture


“Om” is the word for this Mandala sculpture whose intricate floral motif will definitely bring some Zen to your wedding. Hand carved in Saharanpur, India, from mango wood.

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Assorted Succulents


In shades of green, wintergreen, fuschia, pink and white, these assorted succulents will top each table with foliage in modern silhouettes that venture far away from tradition.

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Pentagon Geometric Table Glass Terrarium


Bring nature to the table with this trendy geometric terrarium that can be filled with your favorite botanicals, moss, air plants or cactus.

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Nautical Decor CoTa Global Aquarius Sailboat Decorative Home Accent


Nautical Decor CoTa Global Aquarius Sailboat Decorative Home Accent Share your desire to sail away on a wave of champagne with these charming sailboats that feature pretty aqua stripes, an anchor motif and the word “relax.”

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Gold Votive Tealight Crystal Candle Holder


Votives have long been on the list of tabletop decor for weddings, but this chandelier-style votive has been supercharged with 17 sparkling crystal strands on an 11.5-inch tall base.

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Mini Black Globe On Stand


Oh, the places you’ll go in this adventure called marriage! Let the guests know your plans by placing these stylish black globes on each table.

16-inch Purple Orchid Plant

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16-inch Purple Orchid Plant


Orchids have long made plant lovers swoon for their wispy silhouettes and delicate blooms. This plant creates an indelible image of glamour with which to decorate your tables.

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Artful Organizer: Vintage Camera


We love the vintage charm of this camera organizer that can be used to hold an array of decorative items – cattails, palm fronds, peacock feathers – as your centerpiece.

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Sitting Meditation Buddha


Bring the serene gaze of the meditating Buddha to each table with this stone statue, and remind guests that inner peace is only a breath away.

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Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai


For a refreshing wedding aesthetic, bring the ancient Japanese art of “Bonsai” to your decor with this miniature juniper that has been trained to stay tiny.

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Mix & Match Antique Ceramic Teapots & Pitchers


Made in England in the 1920s, this charming Arthur Wood teapot is just one of many Etsy finds that can bring cut flowers, pussy willows or palm fronds to your tables via prints on porcelain.