Wedding Planning

Bathroom Items That You Should Register For

Don’t overlook these essentials.

As you build your registry, we recommend tackling your wishlist room by room. Consider each space and identify what you’re missing, ensuring that each room in your home is as well-stocked as possible. When planning this way, it’s easy to start with the kitchen and bedroom—dishes and bedding are registry classics, after all. But don’t neglect the bathroom! These essentials will make the space fully functional.   


Shower Supplies

For privacy, ask for a shower curtain. With so many options on the market, you can choose one that speaks to your style. For something simple, you can stick with classic white, like this one. For a pop of color, we like these color-blocked, floral, and striped options. If you’re moving into a new home, make sure to ask for curtain rings and a shower rod, too. To keep water off of your floor (and to prevent fabric curtains from getting soggy), supplement with a shower curtain liner. Avoid slips with a tub mat, and a mat to stand on when you exit the shower.

Bath and Hand Towels

Obviously, you’ll need bath towels, but you should also register for coordinating hand towels. Think you can do without? Think again. No guest wants to be stuck in your bathroom wondering what to do with wet fingers. For both, check out these, which come in fade- and bleach-resistant colors. If you don’t want company using the same bath and hand towels that you do, you can always register for backup sets.

A Garbage Can

Many couples forget to register for a bathroom trash can—don’t make the same mistake. This modern version is a chic choice.

Useful Accessories

Toothbrush holders and soap dishes or dispensers will elevate your space. Choose them to complement the rest of your décor. Additionally, note if you’ll need any other storage items.