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Bethany and Deanna’s Vintage Wedding from So You’re EnGAYged

Kelly runs So You’re EnGAYged, one of the best same sex marriage resources out there. Filled with real weddings, DIY ideas, and LBGT-friendly vendors, it also features a host of guest bloggers (male and female) offering their perspectives on everything wedding-related.

Kelly runs So You’re EnGAYged, one of the best same sex marriage resources out there. Filled with real weddings, DIY ideas, and LBGT-friendly vendors, it also features a host of guest bloggers (male and female) offering their perspectives on everything wedding-related.

Today’s wedding from Whitney Lee Photography has a gorgeous vintage feel with tons of DIY elements. Enjoy!

What was your favorite moment of the day?

There were so many! I think the best parts were the slow ones. We decided to stay the night before at the hotel everyone would be getting ready at, thus giving us that whole day to just chill. I loved that and highly recommend it if you can do it. And then, at the end of the night, by ourselves in the limo back to the hotel. Just being able to sit and absorb it all for a few minutes. One of the truisms of weddings is that they FLY by and you don’t remember a lot! So, making time to be alone together is really important and one of the best pieces of advice I took away from all the blogs I read.

Favorite design element of your big day? Any tips for readers on how you created it?

Probably the buntings (triangle banners). They took a little trial & error to perfect, but once I got it down, they were super easy. I’d be happy to write up a how to with pictures if you’d like. It’s something anyone with a sewing machine (or really determined hand-stitchers) could do.

How did you make your ceremony meaningful for the both of you?

We both come from a religious background that we’ve rejected for different reasons, but which remains an important part of our histories. So, we wanted something that blended traditional ceremonies with more personalized vows and ideas. We picked and pulled from different online resources and came up with something really unique to us. And then we each wrote a special portion that was a surprise to the other. Something that really made it extra special, though, was having our good friend, Shanna, officiate. We didn’t need an ordained officiant, but nowadays, anyone can get ordained online pretty easily, so this option is really available to everyone. It was wonderful to have someone who has known us both for a really long time be able to put her personal touch on it all.

Here’s a link to our ceremony if you want to take a look:

Three tips for other couples planning their wedding you wish you would have known.

1. People suck at RSVP. Your family especially sucks at RSVP. 😉

2. Be prepared for people to get weird if they find out you’re getting married and they weren’t invited. Even if you haven’t spoken to them in person in YEARS. Facebook is a tricky place.

3. If you can, keep it small. You’ll be able to spend more money per person and have less stress overall. I know sometimes there are obligations you can’t avoid, but it’s a very special day and you really want to be able to see and enjoy everyone there.

Alt 3. Do lots of research and then trust your gut. We spent 2 years planning, so we were able to do a LOT of research and ended up only meeting with our final vendor picks, pretty much knowing we wanted them before even setting up the meeting. We L-O-V-E-D every single one of them.

Tell us about your wedding:

Our wedding was the incredibly wonderful result of a lot of work, just like our relationship is. We both had to get over a lot of fears about ourselves and the world in order to be where we are today, and I think that effort and determination showed through. Neither of us has much blood family to speak of, so the idea of ‘chosen family’ is very important. As we said in our ceremony, every single person there, regardless of blood status, was there because we CHOSE them as our family and wanted them to be there.

Without becoming control freakish, every single element of the day was specifically chosen because it represented US and felt totally right. I know everyone’s wedding planning process and results are different. We’re all different people with different needs and wants, but for us, touching each piece of it was important to us. The world isn’t kind to those of us who don’t fit into the prescribed boxes, so we wanted to make sure that this day, above all, was kind to us and to our loved ones. Things go wrong important people go missing right before the ceremony, something gets delivered late, etc. But, after all of this, I can honestly say that every element of our day in the spotlight turned out perfectly and we couldn’t have been happier.
Photographer: Whitney Lee Photography
Caterer: Two Sisters Catering
Florist: Bows & Arrows Deluxe
DJ: Johnny Robinson
Bakery: Society Bakery
Airbrush Makeup: Shannon Caldwell, Something You Makeup
Hair: Adriana Aragon
Bethany’s Dress: Maisy Brown Repro Retro
Bethany’s Petticoat: Sew Delightful 4 U
Bethany’s Awesome Yellow Shoes: Vintage Palace
Bethany’s Jewelry: Anne Shirley Creates
Bethany’s Headband & Veil: Bethany Lorelle
Bethany’s Clutch Purse: Amsie
Bridesmaid’s Hair Combs: Spiderella Studios
Bridesmaid’s Pearl Necklaces: Dutch Pearl
Guestbook Poster: Spread The Love
Wildflower Favors: Nature Favors
Cake Topper: Perch 52
Invitations & Programs: Tucci Paper Co