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10 Adorable Same Sex Wedding Cake Toppers

10 Adorable Same Sex Wedding Cake Toppers

These same sex toppers will be a delightful finishing touch to your wedding cake.

ss topper 1

Personalized Couple

Are both of you really looking forward to wowing each other with awesome wedding day attire? Have a vendor create a very personalized topper for the two of you that features you in your wedding day best. Later, you can display it in your home as a happy souvenir from your event.

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Classic Style

All about traditional suits and classic elegance? This vintage-inspired topper can be personalized with different skin tones and hair colors to represent the two of you.

ss topper 3

Love is Love

If you love Lin-Manuel Miranda half as much as we do, then take a cue from his Tony acceptance speech with this apt topper in chic script font.

ss topper 4

Lego Minifigs

If you are a couple that adores all things geek chic, then choose a playful cake topper like this one made with Lego minifigs. If you already have a stash of your own Legos, why not DIY it?

ss topper 5

Taking Their Name

Although it is not as commonplace for same sex couples to take each other’s names, many still choose to. If you plan on sharing a name, spread the news with this acrylic topper in a cheerful shade of aqua.

ss topper 6

Sweetly Rustic

For rustic weddings, wooden figure cake toppers are really popular (and again, can be showcased in your home afterwards). Although they can’t be as personalized as some of the other topper options listed here, there are still plenty of choices available.

ss topper 7

Famous Characters

From Bert and Ernie to Cagney and Lacey, there are plenty of famous characters who made fans wonder if they were more than friends. Be a little cheeky with a cake topper like this one, honoring one of your fave couples.

ss topper 8

Pop Culture Reference

Who could forget Phoebe Buffay’s explanation about lobster soulmates? If the two of you joke about being each other’s lobster, then this is the wedding cake topper for you!

ss topper 9

Simply Modern

For those with a modern aesthetic and less-is-more style, this simple paper doll-inspired topper is a wonderful choice. If this is too big for your cake, you could use just the banner.

ss topper 10

Romantic Phrase

Same sex toppers don’t have to be specifically focused. If you prefer, go with a lovely romantic phrase or quote that represents your wedding and your vows.