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10 Creative Ways to Include Pumpkins in Your Fall Wedding

10 Creative Ways to Include Pumpkins in Your Fall Wedding

It’s pumpkin season!




pumpkin lined aisle



Aisle Decor


Make your walk down the aisle even more magical by lining each row with fresh-from-the-patch pumpkins.




white pumpkin centerpiece



Floral Centerpiece


Hollow out a pumpkin (you can paint them to match your palette) and along with a block of florist foam, use it as a vase for your floral arrangements.




place hard holder



Place Card Holder


Your fall wedding decor doesn’t need to be elaborate. This adorable place card holder idea was easy to make and blended in with the wedding’s modern decor.




pumpkin card holder



Buffet Decor


Mini pumpkins are also a clever way to mark the different options at your food stations or buffet table. If you have them near food, though, you will probably want to skip the glitter and leave them plain.




pumpkin table decor



Autumn Tablescape


Bring the pumpkin patch to your wedding with this fantastic tablescape concept. Create a greenery runner and dot it with small pumpkins and then surround the end of the table with larger gourds.




pumpkin engagement session



Light Up Messages


This couple chose to express their love via pumpkins during their engagement session by carving words into each. You can use the same concept to direct your guests around your reception, lighting the way to the welcome table or buffet.




black painted pumpkin



Unconventional Elegance


While it is certainly popular to paint your pumpkins in metallic paints or dip them in glitter, this black pumpkin offers an uniquely elegant alternative. This would be gorgeous at a black and white or grayscale Halloween-themed reception.




glass bar menu



Seasonal Bar Menu


There’s a pumpkin treat out there for everyone. For your groom and his microbrew-obsessed compatriots, they might love the chance to sample a selection of pumpkin ales and ciders.




pumpkin space latte



Fall Beverages


If you’re running to Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte the second you see the first leaf fall, why not serve your fave beverage at your wedding? Especially during early fall, when the weather is cool and crisp, it’s nice to extend your reception outside. A PSL will keep your guests cozy by the fire pit.




pumpkin layer cake



Tasty Desserts


You could serve pumpkin pie at your fall wedding, or you could choose a pumpkin layer cake with cream cheese frosting. The best thing about a pumpkin cake? It’s pretty much impossible to make one that turns out dry. This scrumptious option uses lots of cinnamon to created a spiced flavor.