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10 Fun Alternative Wedding Desserts to Serve Instead of Cake

10 Fun Alternative Wedding Desserts to Serve Instead of Cake




If you’re having a summer wedding, you might be thinking about desserts that you could serve your guests other than a traditional wedding cake. Here are 10 wedding desserts that are sure to please your guests and their taste buds!







Popsicle Bar


Who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing popsicle during the summer months? This is one of those wedding desserts that is sure to please everyone. Try choosing flavors that will compliment your wedding colors (like strawberry for pink or blueberry for blue), or offer your guests a variety of flavors. Have a designated area set up for a “popsicle bar” where guests can choose their own pop.




Fruit Tarts



Fruit Tarts


Fruit tarts are delicious and tend to be very light, especially compared to cake. If you want to do something super fun, have a large fruit tart (the size of a standard pie) for the bride and groom to cut and share with the wedding party. Offer guests individual mini tarts that look the same. This is another great way to bring your wedding colors to life.




Petit Four



Petit Fours


If cake isn’t your wedding dessert of choice for whatever reason, but you’d still like to serve something similar, why not go with petit fours? Known for their small size, a petit four will give your guests just a taste of something sweet without overdoing it on the whole “slice of cake” thing. Arrange these little treats on fancy plates or platters — they look so elegant!







Go For the Pie


Some people think that pies are a lot lighter than cakes which makes them a super alternative for your summer wedding. Since this is a relatively inexpensive option, you might choose to have a “pie bar” and offer three or four different varieties. Don’t forget the ice cream!







Cookies, Cookies & More Cookies


Offering cookies may seem offbeat, but done the right way, it can be pretty perfect. Make sure you offer a good variety and that you present your cookies in a nice way (either in baskets or on decorated platters). For some added fun, put signs out that let your guests know the groom’s favorite and the bride’s favorite.




Mini Pies



Mini Pies


Oh, aren’t they the cutest? These wedding desserts not only look great but are tasty too. Choose a couple of different varieties or offer all the same. Either way, these mini pies are sure to satisfy your guests. You can serve them plated (have them brought to your guests at their seats) or have them sat up at a dessert table.




Ice Cream



Ice Cream Sundae Bar


When it comes to wedding desserts for your summer soiree, an ice cream sundae bar is a no-brainer. Stick to simple flavors (vanilla, chocolate) and offer a variety of toppings including hot fudge, whipped cream and chopped nuts. Set up a designated area where your guests can create their own after-dinner treat.







Dessert Shots


A dessert shot is a versatile cake alternative that offers a variety of options. Not only do they look super cool (it’s essentially a pudding cake in a shot glass), but they taste delicious.




Cake pops



Cake Pops


Wedding desserts don’t have to be super fancy or super expensive. Cake pops offer a whimsical spin on the conventional wedding cake, giving guests a taste of tradition without making them commit to a full slice.




S'mores Bar



S’mores Station


How about wedding desserts that embrace the season? A s’mores station is the perfect DIY dessert option. Add your favorite variations on the treat — like the jar of Nutella this couple opted to share.