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10 Fun & Festive Guest Book Alternatives

10 Fun & Festive Guest Book Alternatives



These wedding guest book alternatives offer creative ways to remember your big day.






Stained Glass Art


This stained glass light is just about the coolest idea for an upscale wedding guest book alternative that we’ve ever seen. If you love this concept, but don’t want people’s signatures on the exterior, flip it over and have people sign the inside of the frame.







Clever Scrapbooking


If you already know that you want to create a fun scrapbook out of your wedding day guest book, do the work ahead of time. This way, guests can add their own talents to the final product. Create decorated spaces for friends and family to add notes on different colored paper, Polaroid photos, or even scraps of lace or fabric that you provide.







DIY Tip Jar


Perhaps the easiest DIY project that you’ll ever make, this advice jar is a brilliant way to get your guests involved. Have them leave pieces of marital wisdom, date night ideas, and favorite romantic quotes in a glass jar. Read them after you get back from the honeymoon!







Keepsake Dictionary


This guest book option would work with a variety of different books. This couple asked guests to circle their favorite word in a vintage dictionary and leave a corresponding note. But you could do something similar with a favorite book, asking your guests to sign on the page with the best quote. Just make sure that the pen provided won’t bleed through the pages.







Polaroid Pictures


Sometimes you don’t need a ton of words to express yourself. Provide a Polaroid camera and ask your friends and family to hang their photos from a clothesline. Task a wedding party member to grab all the photos as they leave the reception, so that you can look at them later.







Useful Calendars


It seems like we can never remember life’s most important dates. And now, you have a whole new family’s celebrations to keep track of! Do some useful multitasking by having your guests sign a calendar instead of a traditional guest book on their birthday or anniversary.







Personalized Globe


For a destination wedding, or simply a travel-themed reception, this lovely globe guest book will end up be a charming addition to your home. Make sure the globe is big enough for all of your guests to sign. An idea like this one would be best for weddings with a smaller guest list. If you love this concept, but have a ton of people in attendance, use a wall map or travel atlas instead.







Magnetic Scrabble


Your favorite tabletop game is transformed into a commemorative decor piece with this magnetic guest book alternative. Guests can create their own words from a selection of tiles at the reception. You can either keep their creation, or change it up when you hang it in your new home.







Anniversary Pinata


We’re gaga for pinatas, and although we prefer them filled to the brim with candy, this guest book idea is pretty great, too. Your loved ones can write you both sweet notes to read on your first anniversary when you finally crack this thing open.







Your Song


For the couple that really, really loves their song, this print is the perfect solution for music lovers searching for guest book alternatives. Have your guests sign around the record, or on the backside of the piece.