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10 Trending Ideas for 2017 Weddings

10 Trending Ideas for 2017 Weddings

As we bid adieu to this year, here is what we are most looking forward to in 2017’s weddings.

2017 1

Charming Elopements

We’ve always loved an intimate elopement, and we think that in 2017 we’re going to see so many more of these unique ceremonies. From last minute trips to cool destinations to a quickie run to the courthouse, elopements are a cool alternative to traditional weddings.

2017 2

Textured Layers

We predict that minimalism won’t dominate 2017 weddings. Texture and layering will be used everywhere next year. Look out for fringe backdrops, rugs lining wedding aisles and reception spaces, and centerpieces loaded down with all sorts of different textures and elements.

2017 3

Wedding Weekends

In 2017, we think that more couples will host wedding weekends, with activities over a couple of days so that friends and family can enjoy each other’s company. Although it does take a little more time to plan, it also helps takes the pressure off the bride and groom to spend adequate time with their loved ones at their busy wedding.

2017 4

Colorful Goes Chic

There used to be a perception that chic weddings had muted color palettes, and colorful schemes were reserved for fun, playful celebrations. Not anymore. In 2017, we’ll see elegant sophistication and technicolor themes merge.

2017 5

Creative Wedding Registries

If you need a coffeemaker or set of towels, by all means, consider a traditional registry. We predicted last year that alternative registries or unconventional choices would take off, but this year we think they will go even more mainstream. When you have what you need for your home, opt to register for travel, experiences, or your shared hobbies.

2017 6a

Return to Candids

From couples holding hands rigidly side by side to over-the-top styled photo sessions, wedding photography has been dominated by posed portraits for the last decade. We’re looking forward to more casual, candid, and emotional photography in 2017.

2017 7

Pretty Patterns

Why go solid when you can opt for a chic print? Add in a couple of patterned dresses to your mismatched bridal party and use bold table runners to give your reception a polished finishing touch.

2017 8

Important-to-You Traditions

One trend that we’ve seen grow over the last couple of years is couples eschewing traditions or rituals that don’t make sense for them. The garter and bouquet tosses, for example, often don’t really match up with what a modern couple and their friends represent. Instead, take care of your guests in ways that seem authentic to both of you.

2017 9a

Soft Lighting

In 2016, Edison bulbs and string lights were all the rage (and they’re a classic, and will continue to be). But we love what soft lighting can do for a bride’s glow. In 2017, expect to see candles everywhere from centerpieces to lanterns hanging overhead.

2017 10

New Classics

While vintage and retro are both very popular wedding themes, in 2017 look for these types of weddings to include more modern elements. Whether it’s metallic accents paired with vintage china, a crisp gin martini with a new spin, or a really great cover that turns a classic track on its head, vintage and retro weddings will get a new edge.