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8 Recycled Wine Bottle Decorations For Your Wedding

8 Recycled Wine Bottle Decorations For Your Wedding



Using recycled glass decorations is a creative and often cost-effective method for making your wedding memorable and unique.




Brides who are looking to add eco-friendly decorations to their wedding ceremony or reception should consider recycled wine bottle decor. You would be amazed at how functional and stylish wine bottle decorations can be.



Hare are some ideas to get you started:



1. Painted Wine Bottle Vases


Image: ConesusCreations



A little paint can transform green glass into your wedding palette. Add lettering in a contrasting color to spell out “love” like in this example, your last names or the date of your wedding. With the addition of eye-catching paint for the bottles and a few floral sprigs, you will have beautiful custom wedding vases in no time.




2. Image Wine Bottle Décor



Image: YTB Creations



This bottle has a picture of the couple when the groom proposed to the bride. Etsy shop vendor YTB Creations takes digital photos and hand paints the image onto a recycled wine bottle. This decoration is a creative way to add flair and depict the couple’s relationship and could be used as clever centerpieces around the wedding reception.




3. Yarn-Wrapped Wine Bottle Vases



Image: Dirt From The Clay Pot



A little jute goes a long way when it comes to transforming wine bottles into rustic wedding décor. Incorporate your wedding theme’s colors with paint. These can serve as a simple yet elegant centerpiece or card table backdrop.




4. Wine Bottle Torches



Image: Design Sponge



For those planning an outdoor wedding, this DIY project is something to look into. Illuminate your event in style by assembling a recycled wine bottle torch. For detailed instructions, see Design Sponge.




5. Recycled Wine Bottle Table Numbers





Image: Trio Wine Bottle Centerpiece



This clever recycled wine bottle design does double duty, illuminating you reception tables and letting guests know which table to go to.  Available from Refresh Glass.




6. Wine Bottle Lightening Bug Jars



Image: ClassyGarbage



Another option for adding light to your event (with a little less fire than the torches above) is these clever Christmas tree light filled wine bottles offered by the Etsy shop ClassyGarbage. Perfect for a centerpiece, walkway or illuminated wedding aisle.




7. Wine Bottle Planters





Image: Refresh Glass



These glasses-turned-planters are available in Green Bride Guide’s shop from Refresh Glass. The repurposed bottle and plant make for a great eco-friendly centerpiece that can double as a bridesmaid’s gift after the event.




8. Green Groomsmen Gifts





Image: Bourbon Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses



Need a gift the guys will love? What about these recycled wine bottle bourbon glasses! They come with round ice cube makers for the ultimate sophistication and can be custom engraved.


Repurposed glass adds a unique green touch to a wedding’s decor. In addition to looking cool, every wine bottle saved makes a difference. According to the Glass Packaging Institute, recycling glass bottles is a one-to-one win. We save a ton of natural resources for every ton of glass recycled.




Contributed in collaboration with Jessica Parisen.