Wedding Planning

Aisle Decorations for Every Wedding

Here are a few of our favorites aisle decorations to complete any wedding ceremony.

Nothing frames a ceremony photo like the perfect aisle decor. From a path of lit white candles to elaborate floral arrangements, the way you decorate the aisle sets the tone for the event ahead. Here are a few of our favorites. And if you are particularly inspired by any of them, click on the links below to connect with the complete real wedding!

These tall silver lanterns make quite a statement in this modern sanctuary!

Sweetly traditional affair? Then stick with a tried and true combo of pastel roses and baby’s breath!

The simplest presentation can also have a big impact. Especially when the venue’s natural beauty is its own decor (just look at that lake through those huge windows!), an aisle runner and pink petals will more than suffice.

I love the pop of a bright flowers against a darker wood!

You can also alternate aisle decor between rows, particularly if you don’t want to overwhelm the space with a taller arrangement. Here, they use the tall vase on the center aisles, while the rest feature simple candles.

Perfect for a rustic theme (and super-friendly to the checkbook), these DIY arrangements of baby’s breath offer a charming solution.

This garden wedding was already surrounded by flowers, so to attract attention to the aisle, they opted to use lots of bold colors.

Also, don’t be afraid to set up the space in a non-traditional way. This aisle is extra wide, drawing attention to the lush archway at the end and the beautiful hardwood floors.

Play with your surroundings. For this desert wedding, they used succulents and Southwestern flora.

Credits: Candlelight//Metal lanterns//Traditional roses//Simple aisle runner//Bright flowers//Tall arrangements//Baby’s breath//Bold colors//Wide aisle//Southwestern