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Best Pet Attire for a Wedding

Best Pet Attire for a Wedding
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If your pet will be an important part of your wedding day, of course they’ll need their own special wedding attire. Not that your favorite fluffy pal needs much help looking cute! But if you’re planning to include the sweetest “person” in your life (aside from your spouse, of course) in your Big Day, then we have some stylish suggestions. Below, find an adorable roundup of the most precious pet outfits for a wedding, from tuxedos for dogs to wedding dresses for cats (or small dogs). Whether you’re looking for a simple message bandana for your pet to sport down the aisle, or a full-on, ear-to-tail flower girl outfit, you’ve trotted to the right place. Get ready to go into “aww” overload as you scroll through these fun and functional, highly-rated pet outfits for pups, kitties, and a few that are purrfect (we couldn’t resist!) for any other non-human, yet highly-esteemed wedding guest on your list.



How to Select Pet Attire for a Wedding



The role your pet will play in the wedding will inform your choice in pet attire, whether as part of a proposal, engagement party or the big event itself. A best cat needs a little tux, obviously. A canine who has the honor of walking the bride down the aisle would (bow) wow in a matching wedding gown. Be sure to look at the sizes each outfit will fit. Then just be sure to consider logistics. Will your dog need a leash so he doesn’t dive into the wedding cake when no one is looking? If so, consider if a leash will work with the outfit. One final thought: Be sure whatever wedding outfit you dress your fur-covered bestie in, he or she can take care of their, um, business, without too much fuss.



What to Consider When Shopping for Pet Attire for a Wedding



Here’s the good news about pet wedding outfits: They aren’t terribly expensive. Not that you wouldn’t readily spend tons of money on your fur baby. But every item on this roundup is $30 or less, and most cost under $20. Some wedding accessories are less than $10.




We mainly stuck with traditional wedding colors like white for tail-wagging gals and black for the grrr-oom. You’ll see a few splashes of color if that’s what you want, and with a few of the choices, you can even customize the colors to match your wedding motif.




From traditional to boho, these pet wedding outfits cover all the bases for both cats and dogs of various breeds, and of course, the various roles on your wedding day. So you’ll see everything from an elegant pet wedding dress to a burlap bandana, tuxedo and top hat. Yes, all for pets.







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Cutest Bandana

Moonwake Designs “My Humans Are Getting Married”


This sweet bandana says, “My humans are getting married.” The white bandana with black, romantic script fits small, medium and large pups who are ready to take center stage on their parents’ big day. Reviewers say the bandana photographs well, stays on, and the quality stands up to their expectations. Plus, their pooches were big hits when they wore it. We know this adorable bandana would be ideal for any furry friend who is on hand, er, paw to celebrate the union of his two BFFs.

26-inch neck length
14 inches top to bottom
Machine wash

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is a great bandana. We bought it as a gift for our recently engaged friends. The bandana fits nicely around their 45-pound dog's neck, and can easily display all the words.

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Cutest Flower Girl Dress

Fitwarm Tutu Shirt


Stop it! This flower girl dress for pets is just way too sweet, featuring a pretty lace bodice, a poufy tutu, and tiny pink rosettes at the waistline. Over 115 reviewers are obsessed with how easy it is to outfit their pooch or kitty in the look, and how darn adorably the dress photographs. And they have the pics to prove it, which we addictively looked at for longer than we want to admit. Customers also praise the quality and said the dress was a big hit at their weddings.

Sizes XXS to large
See size chart

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Really well made! She looks like a dream. This is the perfect dress-up piece for a special event, or just super cute photo.

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Best Tux Collar

Lillian Rose Satin Bow With Lapel


Whether your furry pal will serve as a ring bearer or a best "man’s best friend," he is sure to look super official and cute-as-can-be in this tux collar by Lillian Rose. A black satin tie goes around your pet’s neck to secure this accessory, while the front features a black satin bow tie and white, buttoned lapel. Reviewers say this low-cost wedding look is a great choice for dogs or cats, and it photographs like a dream. Just don’t “furrget” the treats to bribe your buddy to sit still.

Fits 7 - 16 inch neck

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is adorable on my dog. It ties in the back of the neck. He is the size of a Cocker Spaniel - about 30 pounds. This is good enough for the price!

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Best Collar and Leash Combo

House of Fur Baby “I Do Too”


Your pet will be sitting in the lap of luxury when you outfit them in this white leash that says “I Do Too” in blingy rose gold. Soft greenery adds a sweet finishing touch. And get this: You can customize a floral accent color from burgundy to lavender, to match with any season or motif. Purrchasers praise the quality of this item, calling it “fresh and fancy.” We highly recommend this grrreat option for any pup who gets annoyed wearing bandanas or clothes.

Sizes from XS to XXL
See size chart
Buy as leash or leash and collar combo

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It's so pretty, I can't even stand it! I'm so excited to have my little angel wear these for our wedding day. The perfect cute addition for her. Love love love!

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Best Cat Bandana

Hello Hazel Co “Cat of Honor”


An ivory burlap bandana is stamped with the words “Cat of Honor” and embellished with a rosette color of your choosing, from golden to teal, and bumblebee, to celery green. A pretty grosgrain ribbon adjusts to fit your kitty’s neck. Reviewers are in love with this sweet wedding outfit for their curious cats, saying the bandana is well-made, exceeded their expectations and is paws-itively adorable.

One size fits all

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Omg! How cute! It's puuuurfect!

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Best Floral Dog Collar

Flower Hungry Wreath


Choose white or ivory eucalyptus and roses to encircle this beautiful silk flower collar for your furry friend. A satin ribbon secures the wire that will hold the flowers in place around your four-legged pal’s neck. A collar can be worn underneath the wreath if you’ll need to keep your pal on a leash (like if he tends to eat shoes). The floral collar photographs like real flowers, and looks elegant and upscale on any breed. We can see this item being just the right accessory for a bow-wow, boho beach wedding.

Sizes XS to large
See sizing

What Reviewers Are Saying:
PERFECT! Our dog is looking forward to wearing her beautiful collar on her parents’ wedding day.

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Best Tux Shirt

You & Me Wedding Tuxedo


A formal occasion calls for a cat or dog in tails; not the kind they wag, but the kind that come with a tux. This shirt-style black suit jacket and tails features a bow tie, and a white shirt collar and cuffs. Customers rave about how cute their pets looked in this outfit, and even say it holds up for multiple uses (New Year’s Eve?). All you’ll need is a top hat (see below), and your furry companion is all set to serve as a best dog or a ring bearer at your upcoming nuptials.

Sizes large and extra-large
Hook and loop back closure

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I bought this for my pup who is going to be in my wedding and it's perfect.

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Best Wedding Gown for Dogs

You & Me Dress and Veil


Calling all furry brides! This cat-astrophically cute bridal gown for fur babies features a matching veil that will leave your guests in stitches, in a good way! The fetching (see what we did there?) dress features a sleeveless top, ruffled skirt and a bow that echoes the bow on the top of the Russian netting veil, which clips painlessly to fur. Reviewers are enamored with the furr-ociously fun look, and we hope it’s just what you’ve been hunting for for your bone or ball-of-yarn-loving bride.

Sizes XS - large
Hook and loop closure

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Absolutely adorable! The veil is what makes the whole outfit complete. It easily attaches to the dog’s fur and she barely seems to notice it. The dress appears comfortable, yet elegant enough for any bride.

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Best Pet Bow Ties

GOGO Dog Holliday Tie Collar


For less than $10, you get 10 bow ties in assorted colors, from black, to red, to white, to orange. So if your wedding will include more than one animal, these sweet little bow ties will be the perfect way to coordinate everyone’s looks. If you have extra bow ties, save ‘em for Halloween costumes, or a future fancy occasion. Like the duck prom, perhaps. Hey, somewhere, there’s a duck prom.

Fits necks 7 - 17 inches

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The bows are pretty simple, but cute. All my dogs, cats, and ducks will be wearing bow ties for my wedding.

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Best Hat for Dogs

Rubie's Costume Company Top Hat for Your Pet


For a purrfect finishing touch to any wedding look for you pet, add this highly-reviewed top hat. Pet owners say the dashing accessory stays put thanks to an elastic strap and is sturdy enough to hold up to horse play. Or dog or cat play, as the case may be. We’d love the hat alone, or worn with a tux or bandana on the big day. Either way, for the price, you can’t go wrong.

Sizes small/medium and medium/large
5.1 x 4.1 x 2.2 inches

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The hat was super cute.

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Best Dog Veil

FLAdorepet Bridal Hair Piece


If you’ve been digging (we couldn’t resist!) through options for wedding veils for your four-legged bridal party member, reviewers recommend this one, which features bud silk material that falls in poufy layers down your pet’s neck. The realistic-looking veil is secured with a clip that pet owners simply caution may be difficult to attach to short-haired breeds, and in that case, suggest you may need to add an elastic band to keep the piece in place.

Length is 7.9 - 9.9 inches

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Love it! It’s soo cute! Our beagle corgi mix is ready to walk down the aisle with me!