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15 Best Wedding Planner Books to Pull Off Your Perfect Day

15 Best Wedding Planner Books to Pull Off Your Perfect Day
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Congratulations on getting engaged. Now it’s time to panic! Just kidding. With the help of the best wedding planner books just a quick scroll away, you will have every detail organized, from your color swatches to your guest list.


We scoured tons of reviews on wedding planners and organizers to select the top 15 for modern brides and grooms in 2020. From an organizer created by a celebrity wedding planner to no-nonsense practical guides packed with tips and tricks for pulling off our perfect day, you needn’t lie awake at night stressing over seating charts and vendor questions any longer. Simply read through each planner description to see if it feels like you. Perhaps a rustic book cover will win you over, or maybe you’re looking for a list-oriented wedding planner book. If a humorous approach to wedding planning suits your fancy, we’ve got you covered there, too. Prefer to personalize your wedding planner? Simply keep scrolling.


You’ll find wedding planner books big and small with super-affordable as well as designer options. No matter what your perfect day looks like, be it minimalist, intimate, huge and fancy, or on a tropical beach somewhere (can we come?), rest assured, there is a wedding planner just right for you. Look for features like tabs and pockets to keep you organized as you bounce from appointment to appointment. If your wedding pain point is money-related, a planner focused on sticking to a budget is calling your (maiden) name. Want to hear planning tips and tricks from been there, done that married couples? Several organizers hit on this useful resource as well as a host of others like sample floor plans, timelines and checklists. You’ve got this!



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Best Wedding Planner Book on Amazon

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer


This is the best-selling wedding planner on Amazon with nearly 1,500 rave reviews. Brides and grooms-to-be love the schedules, money-saving tips and special features like a perforated color swatch page so much, one even called the book a wedding planning Bible. Innovative and useful features like stickers and inspiration pages help modern couples design a unique and truly personal wedding.

176 pages
Calendar or ring bound format

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Best Wedding Planner Book at Walmart

All The Essentials Wedding Planner


We love this wedding planner book because it comes with downloadable templates, sample floor plans and other ingenious tools that will help you truly tackle your to-do list with confidence. Written by wedding planner Alison Hotchkiss, this book is stuffed with resources and guides you’ll find invaluable while planning your perfect day.

3 ring binder style
176 pages

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Best Personalized Wedding Planner Book

Farmhouse Fresh Country Planner


For those who prefer a more pared down approach to wedding planning, this personalized organizer is right up your alley. Customize the calendar-style book with your names and wedding date, and use stickers to further make the planning process your own. You won’t find checklists and seating charts inside, but you can easily keep track of tasks and appointments on the pages reviewers call pretty and crisp-looking.

8.5 x 11 inches
12 months

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Best Affordable Wedding Planner Book

The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer


For less than $10, you get access to hundreds of wedding planning tips and tricks with write-in tools and sample budgets for each aspect of organizing your perfect day. Reviewers call the book, which is Amazon's number-one best-selling wedding planner, a lifesaver and say they love the sample questions for the vendors section as well as the inspiration and attention to detail provided by author Jessica Bishop.

208 pages
Also available for Kindle

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Best Celebrity Wedding Planner Book

All-In-One Wedding Planner & Organizer


Wedding planner to the stars Mindy Weiss shares her tips and tricks for pulling off a dream day worthy of a celebrity. Organized with tabs for the dress, flowers, and menu and location (etc.), Weiss’s wedding planner book is packed with checklists, spreadsheets and timelines so you won’t forget a single wedding day detail.

Ring bound or hardcover
9 divided tabs and pockets
Plastic zippered pouch

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Best Minimalist Wedding Planner Book

Bridechilla Wedding Planning Field Guide


If you want to focus on what matters most, pick up the Bridechilla Wedding Planning Field Guide. Despise ornate, flowery planners? The minimalist design of this useful organizer is for you. Chock full of editable lists, schedules and questions for vendors, the LGBTQ-friendly planner aims to make planning your wedding accessible, personal and fun.

1.24 pounds

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Best Boxed Wedding Planner Book

The Dream Wedding Planner


Meet the wedding planner book that makes an ideal gift for a newly engaged couple. Reviewers are in love with the matching box the planner arrives in and say it’s ideal for storing photos and other wedding-related keepsakes. The planner itself is organized as a countdown: 12 months to go, two months to go, two weeks to go, one day to go! It even offers a post-wedding checklist.

230 pages
14 tabbed sections

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Best Designer Wedding Planner Book

Kate Spade Miss to Mrs. Bridal Planner


This Kate Spade bridal planner is an elegant and beautiful way to celebrate an engagement and organize the perfect day in style. Checklists organized by a wedding planning timeline keep you on task while write-in pages allow you to jot down notes and inspiration.

1-inch metal binder
Plastic pouch
48 pages

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Most Irreverent Wedding Planner Book

Look at Me Getting All Married and Sh*t


If you prefer a humorous approach to wedding planning, this irreverent organizer is for you. Although the title is funny, the functionality of the highly rated book holds up, with a budget planner, timeline pages, contact and guest lists, and a seating chart.

8.5 x 11 inches
150 pages

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Best Wedding Planner Book for Modern Couples

Wedding Planning For The Busy Feminist


If you aren’t feeling traditional wedding customs, this humorous but helpful guide is one to try. Real couples and vendors share advice about how to hold an eco-friendly reception and shop for plus-size bridesmaid gowns. Feel empowered and less stressed when you plan using this feminist organizer reviewers say isn’t overwhelming like other planners yet presents every option you need to pull off your modern dream day.

Also available for Kindle

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Most Down-to-Earth Wedding Planner Book

A Practical Wedding Planner


For soon-to-be weds who want a straightforward, practical approach to wedding planning and organizing, enter this advice-packed book customers say is the perfect place to start when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Author Meg Keene aims to help couples create the wedding they want without settling or caving to outside influence, but also sticks with realistic expectations based on budget and resources.

Also available for Kindle
256 pages

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Best Wedding Planner Book From David’s Bridal

Gold Foil Wedding Planner


While you’re perusing wedding gowns on the David’s Bridal site, add this handy wedding planner to your cart. Within the pretty gold foil book are worksheets to help you make planning decisions on everything from the cake to the music.

6 dividers
3 pockets
11 x 9.75 inches

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Best Rustic Wedding Planner Book

The Complete Wedding Planner for Brides to Be


Kick off your rustic wedding vision with this planner and organizer that fits right into your theme while offering all the tools you need to stay on track. Reviewers call the book attractive and useful and say it makes a great gift for a bride-to-be.

8.5 x 11 inches
120 pages

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Best Compact Wedding Planner Book

The Knot Book of Wedding Lists


If to-do lists are your wedding planning BFF, you’ll love this list-oriented planning book from The Knot that also happens to be small and easy to carry to appointments. You won’t miss a beat as you interview vendors, shop for last-minute items and ultimately walk down the aisle using this top-rated book of lists as your guide.

5.5 x 8.2 inches
208 pages

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Best Wedding Planner Book for the Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride Wedding Planner & Organizer


If Mom is your wedding planner, gift her this planner made just for her. Worksheets, checklists and vendor pages fill this simple organizer that purchasers say made their moms feel special and helped them stay on track.

120 pages