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How to Arrange Unique Wedding Seating to Fit Your Venue

How to Arrange Unique Wedding Seating to Fit Your Venue



We’re here to help you find unique wedding seating layouts to suit any venue.





Large Outdoor Spaces


Seating in the round is a great idea when you’re contending with many guests and a vast space. Above, if you were to seat this crowd traditionally, only the first few rows would be able to hear your vows easily. Seating in the round also gives a wedding a more intimate vibe, one in which friends and family are literally surrounding the happy couple.






Semi-Circle Seating


A similar (and brilliant) idea can be used to make sure every guest gets a good vantage point. Of course, this wedding seating probably required a sound system, but the curved semi-circle rows saved them from having 10 rows instead of 5. This is particularly handy for spaces that are wide, but not particularly deep. Now, all your guests can watch your walk down the aisle without craning their necks.






A Quiet Ceremony


For the couple that wants a wedding that isn’t ‘wedding-y,’ curved rows can be an excellent way to avoid the traditional. These close-in seats will make all guests feel like they are a part of the action.






Very Small Weddings


The best way to approach an unconventionally small wedding is to accentuate the unconventional. Don’t have traditional seating with mini rows of chairs. Instead, use tufted furniture to create a whimsical environment that will make everyone smile.






Narrow Venues


Bench seating, whether traditional wooden benches or bales of hay, is a practical solution to a narrow venue. You will be able to squeeze more guests in. Keep in mind that for a narrow venue like this one, a sound system is probably crucial (unless you want to yell your vows to each other). Many greenhouse venues and historic chapels are narrow and deep like this one, only allowing for a few people to sit on either side.






Chic in the Sand


Anyone who has ever tried to create a perfectly straight row of folding chairs in the sand knows what an exercise in futility that can be. Padded benches are a chic and simple solution to this issue. They look terrific and will also be comfortable as your guests watch you get married. Plus, because of their lower profile, your photographer will be able to capture wide, landscape images without the random wide-brimmed hat in the shot!