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How to Choose Your Ceremony Readings

How to Choose Your Ceremony Readings


You know you want at least one reading at your wedding, but aren’t quite sure what kind of reading to pick? That’s okay. Here are a few tips to help you find a ceremony reading that’s perfect for the two of you and your wedding day.



Reflect Yourselves


Pick something that is reflective of how you both feel about your wedding, relationship, or future. The theme or meaning of the reading should be congruent with your personal philosophies. The format doesn’t matter as much (your reading can be a poem, part of a song, a religious text or even a section from a favorite book or essay), but the tone and words themselves are essential. Here are a few popular ideas to get you started.



Stay in Sync


Don’t choose a reading that is out of sync with who you are and your relationship. Don’t pick the pretentious poem because you think it will impress the audience and don’t feel like you need to choose a traditional reading just because you’ve heard it at other weddings. Instead, choose something you already love or a poem, lyric or verse that your friends and family will instantly associate with you.



Less is More


Remember that less is often more. Ceremonies don’t need to be lengthy — and neither do your ceremony readings. To ensure your reading is the right length and fit for your event, only pick readings you love. Unless you want readings to dominate the ceremony (and if you both are literature majors, maybe that is something you should consider), limit your choices to one or two options you’re crazy about.



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