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How to Create Your Wedding Cake Table Decor

How to Create Your Wedding Cake Table Decor

Ever notice how in some real weddings, cake tables are ooh and ahh-inducing, and others seem a little lackluster? We’ve assembled a few easy ways to make sure your sweetest table sings in your wedding photos!



Use the Right Size Table


Although this seems like common sense, sometimes the right size table isn’t easy to find at your venue. You might have to rent or bring in a piece of your own furniture for this. Don’t try and cram a whole cake buffet into a small, round table, and don’t have one wedding cake sitting all alone on a giant banquet table.  If you are using multiple cakes and desserts, space out the desserts and incorporate other elements to break them up, such as floral arrangements or votive candles. If it is just going to be one solitary (but tasty) tower of buttercream, find the smallest table that suits it and then weave decor items around it. This vintage wedding (below, right) used a floral garland and brass candlesticks to decorate an antique sewing table.  Not only is it a great size, but it’s also perfect for their rustic, vintage event!







Fill Up Blank Spaces


Once it is time to cut the cake, you certainly don’t need a lot of stuff cluttering the space. After all, people will be charmed enough by the thought that it is almost cake time, the very best part of any wedding.  However, for your photos, you may want to add other details to the table to add extra color and oomph (technical term) to your table.  Below, a common technique for budget-conscious couples is to use the bridal party bouquets in vases surrounding the cake. Your bridesmaids won’t mind–those things weigh a ton!








If your dessert table is filled with lots of low cakes like cheesecakes, pies, or layer cakes, don’t forget to liven up the blank space around each cake. This rustic table  used berries to fill up the sides of each plate.







Incorporate the Area Around the Table


Think beyond just the surface of the table. Focus on the front of the table, the area available above and behind, and where in the venue you arrange for the table to be placed.  Find banners or garland that coordinate with your theme and decorate the front of the table. Love a soft glow? Make sure to not just add candles around the cake, but even above it!








But for your cake to look the most glorious, you want to consider the best locations for your table. An outdoor wedding might take advantage of a romantic, quiet spot under a tree (above) or on the lawn with a picture-perfect view of the lanterns and string lights over the reception tables in the background. Instead of simply placing your cake table in a corner at an indoor reception, seek out areas with a bit more personality like cool entryways or in front of fireplaces.







Matching Decorative Details

As we mentioned above, finding a great match to your theme with a unique table or sweet garland is a plus. Go a step further and find the tiny details that will lend the perfect fit and finish. For a long dessert table, especially, you want to blend in elements to avoid it looking like a cake cafeteria. We love this rustic ‘cake’ sign below. In front of a row of layer cakes, this would be darling alongside greenery and pine cones!







Another item we love for dessert buffets is coordinating cake plates and stand. They don’t all have to match (sometimes it’s better if they don’t), but they should all connect with a thematic thread (for example, all of them are made from white milk glass, or all of them are on vintage crates, etc.).








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