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How to Incorporate Beer Into Your Wedding’s Theme With These 10 Cool Ideas

How to Incorporate Beer Into Your Wedding’s Theme With These 10 Cool Ideas

When beer is the second greatest love of your life.

crowd toasts beer

The Right Barware

When you are ditching the fancy-schmancy cocktails in favor of a selection of microbrews, you’ve gotta have the right barware. Stock your bar with the appropriate glasses (pints, pilsners, snifters, mugs, etc.) so that you look like the aficionado that you know you are.

chalkboard beer sign

Brag Board

If your bar is totally beer-focused, don’t let your guests frustrate the bartender by asking what brews you are serving (because the list is long). Instead, put up a stylized sign to match your wedding’s theme, listing each option out.

beer tasting tray

Educate the Masses

If you know that the majority of your friends and family don’t drink a lot of beer, it might be a fun idea to educate them with tasting trays. Serve samples and notes at a cocktail hour before the reception. It will get your guests talking with each other as they try the different selections.

bottle opener favor

The Most Useful Favor Ever

No bride or groom wants to waste a ton of money on wedding favors or save-the-date tokens. It’s painful to think that little trinket is just going to end up in the trash. But we think this bottle opener save-the-date is such a clever way to announce your wedding. We’re sure your guests will have those bottle openers in their pockets at your reception!

beer hops boutonniere

No Rose Boutonnieres

Most groomsmen are fine with floral boutonnieres, but given the option between a giant pink rose or a clever design with hops and a wooden golf tee? Yeah, not even a contest. Hops are actually really pretty. You can also add them to your bouquet and centerpieces.

UK pub wedding

Your Neighborhood Haunt

If you are planning a small wedding, why not host it at your favorite local pub? After all, the drinks and pub food are already there, and the decor will add to your beer-centric theme.

beer bottle vases

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Save the bottles from all of those pre-wedding parties to use as nifty vases for your simple centerpieces. This is a small, elegant nod to your theme, especially when you remove the labels to reveal the colored glass.

beer bbq sliders

Finger Lickin’ Good Barbecue

Your beer obsession doesn’t have to stop at the bar. Carry it through your menu. There are so many inventive dishes that use beer, but we are partial to beer and bourbon barbecue sauces like the one shown here.

beer and marshmallow cupcakes

Not Even the Cake is Safe

And, yes, who would have thought that even your wedding cake could be loaded with stout? These adorable cupcakes are made with Guinness and then have a toasted marshmallow meringue on top.

personalized beer labels

Your Own Brew

Do you brew your own beer in your garage? Send your guests home with a sample of your latest creation with these personalized labels.