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Ideas for Wedding Kids’ Tables

Ideas for Wedding Kids’ Tables


When children are on the guest list, a kids’ table can be a fun solution for everyone. Mom and Dad can dance while the little ones stay occupied with festive activities and a tad too much sugar.  To keep the kiddos entertained (and having too much fun to somehow ruin the reception), we have a few helpful hints!



Buy their cooperation.


Purchase age appropriate knick-knacks, toys, snacks, and games and pile them into either a large basket for them to share, or their own favor boxes.  If you are having a beach wedding, you may not even need an official kids’ table as they might be too busy building sandcastles with the pails you have them (below).






Kids love to see their name–personalize favor boxes and see them smile and point (below).







The crayon is the best invention ever.


They are fun to use and they don’t make a mess.  Depending upon the average age of your kids’ table guests you can either provide them with wedding-themed coloring books, or use Kraft paper as both a tablecloth and art space.  Draw interesting shapes for them to color in such as placemats and picture frames.  If you are seating a lot of older children here, you can substitute colored pencils, but avoid paints–that’s just tempting a spill on your pretty white dress.









Age-appropriate games help children interact.


Help each little guest become fast friends by providing games that encourage them to play together.  Elementary-aged children might enjoy games such as ‘I Spy’ (below), scavenger hunts, or Mad Libs.  The preteen set (you know, the ones too mature to suffer the indignities of the kids’ table) might appreciate popular board and party games at a table set off to the side.












Crafts aren’t just for summer camp.


Particularly if you are hosting older children, a little DIY project can serve double duty as a time-killer and favor.  And usually these ideas are pretty inexpensive.  If you are having a beach or garden wedding, provide supplies to create Mason jar terrariums.







Young girls will love making their own headbands from washi tape (which comes in roughly a gazillion patterns and colors).  You can print out simple instructions to the craft and leave it on the table next to the supplies.  Younger children might love craft time, but they will need more help.  If you have a bridesmaid who adores kids, have her demonstrate a simple project during the reception.








It’s where the fun is.


When it comes to decorating this special table, have fun.  You can stay with your wedding’s theme, but add an extra touch of whimsy by brightening up the color palette a shade or two.  Consider adding elements that make the area more playful, such as Mason Jar sippy cups (below) for the younger set or towers of teacups for the older kids.









Keep candy in individual servings.


It’s more work, but in the end everyone will appreciate your sweet table not being a petri dish from sticky hands.  Plus, smaller sizes will help keep them from going on a sugar overload rampage through your reception.








Credits:  Favors and Toys//Sand Pails//Personalized Boxes//Coloring Book//Crayons and Kraft Paper//I Spy List//Game Table//Beach Terrarium//Washi Tape Headband//Mason Jar Sippy Cup//Tea Party Decor//Individual Candies