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Incredible Wedding Photos For Every Weather Situation

Incredible Wedding Photos For Every Weather Situation

These brides let the weather, no matter how undesirable, be the focus of their wedding photoshoots and ended up with incredible results.

fall wedding photo


Getting married in the autumn or winter means that you are most likely going to be photographed in chilly weather conditions. Keep the shivers and the goosebumps away by wrapping yourself in a beautiful shawl or blanket. Not only will it create a warm and snugly cocoon for you, it will add amazing character to your wedding photos.

clear umbrellas


Rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, whether you think so at the time or not. Don’t let the weather dampen your mood, though. Umbrellas are a great way to keep the rain off and provide you with unique photos that you will love forever.

rainboots wedding photo

Rain Boots

Those satin pumps aren’t going to look good once you trudge through a wet and muddy field or forest. For the photoshoot, switch out your stilettos for some fun rain boots. Want to take the cuteness up a notch? Get matching pairs and start looking for puddles.

fur winter wedding


Channel your inner Chanel when you through a fur wrap over your bare shoulders for your wedding photos. This glamorous accent is just perfect for a winter wedding, as it’s both functional and stylish. And if you don’t feel comfortable with real fur, find a faux alternative that will look just as good.

parasol wedding photo


It seems like a perfect day…to burn your nose. Clear and sunny skies can also be an inconvenience for the married couple. Create your own shade for your pictures when you incorporate a parasol into your shoot. You’ll love the romantic vintage effect that it adds to your visual wedding day story.

kite wedding photoshoot


Windy days are known to mess up hairstyles, blow props away and make for a frantic wedding photoshoot experience. Capitalize on the blustery weather by using a kite as the main prop for your photos. Not only will you have more fun, but the photography will look that much more genuine.

bridal hat wedding


Drop the veil and trade it in for a large sunhat. You’ll be emanating warm, summer vibes while giving the photographer a chance to capture you as the mysterious and beautiful woman you are.

gazebo wedding


A covered outdoor area like a gazebo or a pavilion is a great place to take wedding photos, rain or shine! It will shelter you from the elements while providing you with a simple backdrop.

wedding sleigh


If it’s snowing and super cold, own it. Go for a horse-drawn sleigh ride in the park or through the forest while snuggled together under a mountain of blankets and furs. Not only will the pictures turn out stunning, it will be a memory that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

ice cream wedding

Ice Cream

If your struggle is trying to wipe the sweat on your face without ruining your makeup, it means that it’s that time. Yes, it’s ice cream o’clock! Treat your new hubby and your wedding party to some frozen treats. Scout an iconic old-school diner or an ice cream truck and bring on the sundaes!

wedding bonfire


Out in the country, it can get cold in the evenings, even in the middle of summer. That’s why a bonfire is a great way to keep yourself toasty-warm and give your photographer a chance to capture the sparks flying.