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Keep Everyone Warm at Your Fall Wedding With These Creative Ideas

Keep Everyone Warm at Your Fall Wedding With These Creative Ideas

The goal of a fall wedding is a comfy-cozy environment.

Space Heaters

You’ve seen how well those heat lamps work on patios at your favorite restaurants. Place them around your outdoor reception area, particularly if you are hosting your wedding in late fall, when the air has gone from crisp to downright chilly.


Maybe your fall wedding venue has a great outdoor fireplace space, or perhaps just a firepit on the lawn. Either way, guests can snuggle together around a roaring, crackling fire. Leave out s’mores goodies and a few sticks to roast marshmallows, and line benches with blankets or pillows.

Blankets or Scarves

Whether you are having a luxe, upscale event or super rustic, you can place out woolen items to keep your guests warm. Use faux pashminas and simple knit gloves at more formal weddings, and plaid wool blankets and chunky scarves for a more cozy and relaxed one.

Warm Drinks & Food

Of course, the way your guests will most enjoy warming up is with hot drinks and steaming comfort food. Serve hot cider, cocoa, or coffee in mugs they can wrap their hands around. A fall wedding is also the perfect time to serve classic comfort food. Put out bowls of mac-n-cheese, baked potatoes, or a chili bar.

Handwarmer Favors

For anyone who has ever been to an outdoor sporting event in cool weather, you know how helpful a set of handwarmers can be. Hand them out as wedding favors either during the reception or as your guests start to journey back to their hotels.