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Ring Bearer Signs

Ring Bearer Signs




Ring bearers are pretty awesome.  These little guys (whether you trust them with your rings or not) help usher in the bride and even help a flower girl or two along the way.  Give them a sign that will charm your guests, because every ring bearer loves an adoring crowd!



Modern couples may appreciate a humorous sign for their ring bearers. Weddings are really emotional, and sometimes taking a break for a big laugh is welcomed.  Above, this sign will make your friends chuckle, and unlike some signs encouraging the groom to run (really?!), this laugh isn’t at anyone’s expense.



Below, older ring bearers will be thrilled to play it super cool as your official ring ‘security’ detail. We’ve seen a bunch of variations on this, from safes to briefcases, but this personalized vest (below) is one of the best.  If you really want him to ham it up, give him dark sunglasses and a fake earpiece.  Oh, and of course, encourage the swagger.







Only funny if you haven’t actually entrusted your rings to your pint-sized nephew, is this sign inquiring about the location of the rings.







For more traditional weddings, consider ordering a personalized sign with the groom’s name on it.  It’s a sweet moment and worth the cost for a great photo op, as with these two adorable cousins below.







If you don’t want to personalize, just go with a classic message that fits your wedding’s theme, such as with this rustic sign with cursive script.







For a 1920’s themed wedding, we love this festive font (below, left) paired with a ring bearer in a newsboy cap and bow tie.











Sometimes the best emotion to express is anticipation. Above (right), this sign captures how everyone in the room is feeling–everyone can’t wait to see the glowing bride!


Is your ring bearer of the four-legged variety?  He can get in on the fun too with a lightweight balsam sign tied to his collar (below).







Two ring bearers?  Have one carry the sign on the way to the altar and one during the recessional. These matching chalkboard signs (below) are modern and will fit with almost any theme.







Having a ring bearer carry a recessional sign is a fun, extra detail that the crowd will love.  After all, your guests were thrilled to be at your wedding, but are truly craving a cocktail and slice of cake right about now.







This sweet sign below is perfect for a traditional, fairy-tale wedding where the bride has married her very own Prince Charming!





Asking a preschool-aged ring bearer to carry a big sign might be a bit too much for him to handle. Either put something around it so that he can wear it like a sandwich board, or find a pennant flag style sign (below) that he can easily wave back and forth.









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