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Seating Chart Signs

Seating Chart Signs

We’ve gathered some of our favorite seating chart trends to inspire you to design a chart to fit not only your practical needs, but also one that will blend beautifully with the rest of your event.









We love the cool style chalkboard details bring. However, unlike a welcome sign on a chalkboard, you are probably having to fit an awful lot of text onto a seating chart.  If you are having a small wedding, a standard chalkboard and the best handwriting you can muster will probably work just fine. But if your wedding is larger, and you have more names to manage consider a ‘faux’ chalkboard option, like the one below.








If you really want the rustic, slightly messy look of a real chalkboard, opt to get several and display them in a group. This will ensure that you can make each name neat and large enough for everyone to read.









For more traditional weddings, embrace trends you will see in other details and employ them in your seating chart. For example, most traditional weddings work hard at incorporating photographs of the couple on the welcome table or in a slideshow. Mix it up by printing a seating chart over the bride and groom’s favorite photo.







If you are having an elegant ballroom wedding, use an ornate frame that blends right in with your venue’s classic decor.







Of course, also consider amping up the style of your seating chart while keeping it traditionally basic and functional. Below, rather than grouping guests by table, it lists them alphabetically. Especially with a long guest list, this helps your friends and family find their seats quickly and easily.  The modern block font of this chart is simple, but also aesthetically-pleasing.







Over-the-Top Opulence






For glam events, it’s all about ornate fixtures, metallic detailing, and a fanciful vibe. Above, calligraphy signage is placed over a stunning mirror. Below, this Marie Antoinette themed event used a seating chart that emphasized lavish textures and finishes.







Mirrors & Windows






We started seeing this trend over the last couple of years at vintage weddings, but now they have proved they can work well with any theme. Find a mirror with a frame that fits your style and then sort alphabetically or by table. The same rules apply for these as the chalkboard signage. Make sure to buy a mirror with adequate space for all of the names.







Because of the mirror’s reflective surface, they can be harder to read at all angles. Clear adequate space directly in front of the mirror so that guests can find their names easily.


If you love the glass look, paned windows can be a fantastic option for your seating chart sign. Although you can certainly DIY this detail, you have to admit that professionals make it look pretty incredible.









If you are having a themed wedding, your seating chart can be a fun and engaging way to kick off your reception. Below, this travel-themed wedding featured locations as each of the table numbers. So, it made perfect sense to display the seating chart as a map.







A similarly themed wedding decided to get their seating chart information from the airplane safety brochure. Using a lot of tongue-in-cheek wit and guests’ names  in each airplane seat, you can imagine what an instant hit this was!







If you want to be a little more subtle with your seating chart, just use key details from your theme or color palette. This garden wedding’s guests found their way via sweet signage hung from clothespins over a lovebird print background. If your wedding’s theme is more about a specific detail, find a way to hint to it on your seating chart. Below, this sparkly sign would work well for a wedding underneath a bunch of string lights or ones that used a lot of gold glitter in its decor.










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