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Swoon-Worthy Non Floral Centerpieces

Swoon-Worthy Non Floral Centerpieces

Secretly dreaming of non floral centerpieces instead of a giant bouquets in the center of your reception? You’re not alone! These non floral centerpieces are all about wedding style without annoying anyone’s pollen allergies.


Nonfloral clock centerpiece


Antique Clocks


One of the best things about non floral centerpieces is that they can give your big day a unique feel that flowers can’t. Looking for a vintage wedding? Decorate your reception with antique clocks.


Nonfloral book centerpiece


Vintage Books


Bring your love of books to your big day by opting for a tower of tomes rather than flowers on your reception tables. You can fill the books with succulents, or just stack some pretty antique books in the center of the tables. Either way, it’s a unique and beautiful non floral centerpiece.


Nonfloral candle centerpiece


Mood Lighting


Looking for a bright, non floral centerpiece can be tough. So instead of bright flowers, why not bring actual light instead? Using candles and antique candlesticks will bring a classy, romantic vibe to your reception.


Nonfloral pinwheel centerpiece


Party Pinwheels


Just because you’re using non floral centerpieces doesn’t mean you don’t get to have bright colors adorning your tables. Using brightly colored pinwheel bouquets will bring fun colors to the table, and your guests can use them to wish you well when you and your new spouse leave the party.


Nonfloral whimsical centerpiece


Wedding Whimsy


Using a centerpiece with brightly-colored party decorations and crayons will not only add an air of fun to your reception. This non floral centerpiece will be a built-in entertainment system for the kids in attendance.


Nonfloral wood centerpieces


Rustic Settings


While the idea of using chopped wood as seats for your ceremony is romantic and Pinterest-worthy, it can be a literal pain for your guest. So, instead, bring that rustic, woodsy feel to your reception with wood cut centerpieces. We love the idea of moving these displays to the table and using them for a rustic feel and the glowing light.


Nonfloral fall centerpieces


Fall Non Florals


Not feeling floral centerpieces, but you still want a touch of the outdoors at your reception? Take a seasonal route — leaves, gourds, pinecones, and the like — the perfect non floral centerpiece with a touch of flair.


Nonfloral fruit centerpiece


Favorite Fruits


With so many beautifully colored fruits out there, who needs floral centerpieces? Decorate your tables with your favorite colored fruits (these pomegranates are gorg) to give your wedding a unique and tasty look.


Nonfloral ornament centerpiece


Ornamental Decor


This non floral centerpiece is perfect for a holiday wedding. Using holiday ornaments is a great way to decorate your reception without having to get too flowery.


Nonfloral cactus centerpiece


Desert “Blooms”


Create a fun and dynamic look at your reception with the perfect non floral centerpieces: cacti. These desert wedding details are beyond stunning.


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