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Wedding Exit Ideas

Wedding Exit Ideas



You’re not supposed to throw rice anymore, and you want something more exciting than birdseed and less traditional than flower petals to send you off.  These wedding exit ideas are not just fun for guests, they also can create picture-perfect moments for your photographer to capture.



Confetti is growing in popularity as an option for tossing. We love the colorful statements a shower of brightly hued paper creates, but this is a better choice for indoor exits.  Sweeping this up from outside can be a bear for exhausted bridesmaids and you don’t want to incur any possible venue fines for littering.







The packaging on confetti can be almost as fun as what’s inside. Above, note the directions to ‘toss’ not throw. Confetti will show up best in photos if tossed or showered over you, rather than thrown towards you.  One way to help guests get the hang of how to manage confetti is to provide a ‘push pop’ and have them aim it above your heads slightly ahead of you, so that you are walking through the cascade.







Below, there are plenty of DIY kits available so that you can create your own confetti concoction in your color palette.  Adding in different shapes and sizes will make the confetti appear more clearly in the photos.







Oversized pieces of confetti will also do really well if you want a lot of color in your exit photos, but they won’t do quite as well in a popper, so just distribute them in little bags. Or skip having your guests throw them and just cover the walkway in them.


Bubbles are a bit traditional and the kids at your wedding will love them.  These gold bubble bottles below add just enough of a modern touch.  However, the bubbles might not show up in your photos as well as you want them to, depending on the light and how much of a breeze is present.  Use this option if you want a fun experience rather than just a pretty picture.









Streamers wound into balls can also create a festive and dynamic scene. They toss the ball of tissue streamer holding one end until it is completely unfurled. This yarn idea below is absolutely adorable, particularly if your wedding is a rustic event or if people know you as quite the crafter.








Paper airplanes have become such a big trend in recessional or exit details. And as much as I love a good paper airplane, I must admit I’m on the fence about this one.  You know what isn’t picture perfect?  A bride clutching her eye after she was beaned by an overzealous (and perhaps slightly intoxicated) groomsman. So, if you are considering this, know your crowd. And if need be, remind them to gently toss as does the example above.







But why risk projectiles at all when you can have them keep their celebration in hand?  Wands are the best of both worlds: streaming color for your send off and no mess to clean up later.  Depending on your wedding’s theme you can get really creative, from ribbons for a vintage wedding (above) to dazzling gold sequins for a modern urban affair (below).






Or how about boldly stenciled burlap flags that can double as photo booth props after you leave?






The most dominant exit detail is definitely the mighty sparkler. Creating an atmosphere of pure magic, it’s hard to beat how beautiful the effect is when you leave a wedding after dark. Dress them up with personalized tags (above) or cute little display signs.












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