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Wedding Origami and Folded Paper Details

 From tiny and minimalist to breathtakingly lavish, these geometric details will have you swooning.

One trend I have been so excited to see take off this year is origami and folded paper details. It puts a completely modern spin on DIY-inspired decor. And the best part?  You can really use them at just about any level.  Because origami paper comes in a never-ending supply of colors and patterns, you can also substitute paper flowers for your more traditional details, such as your bridal bouquet (below, left).


Folded hearts have been all the rage lately, because of their unique, angular shape. Below, these muted place cards joyfully greet guests at their designated seats.  Don’t you just love the jaunty banner poking out with the guest’s name?!


Paper cranes are the most common origami detail you will see at wedding celebrations, because of their widespread popularity. Use larger ones as an alternative to a pocket square or boutonniere (above, left) or sew them together to create colorful cascades for a unique photobooth or ceremony backdrop (above, right).  If you love the look of folded paper, but don’t want to strictly use origami, make sharp, circular fans with crisp edges (below) and affix them to a wall.

Remember that friend who always created the best cootie catchers on the school bus?  Here’s all the nostalgic fun with a personal touch (below). Use these as place cards at each setting.

If you want to make a bold, fresh statement, design a whole tablescape around brightly colored paper folded into fun shapes (above). Here, they have inserted them into a decorated foam board, and use varying heights on the sticks.

You can also make your paper details reflect the mood or season of your wedding.  Are you hosting a picnic wedding in the middle of summer? Use paper hot air balloons to create a hanging installation above your welcome table (above). Or with December right around the corner, fold book pages into festive ornaments and hang them from your pine tree decor (below).

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