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Wedding Welcome Signs in Chalkboard, Wood, & Glass

Wedding Welcome Signs in Chalkboard, Wood, & Glass



From elegant to down-home rustic, these signs are the perfect way to say ‘hello’ to your loved ones!







Often one of the first details your guests see, welcome signs greet your friends and family and give a tiny hint to your style. We’ve collected the most popular types of welcome signs, focusing primarily on chalkboard, wooden, and glass designs.



First up, chalkboard signs have taken weddings by storm! And why not? They are festive and cute and interesting all at the same time. Go with a classic sandwich board presentation (above) or put your sign up on an easel.











To create your chalkboard wedding welcome sign, you have a few different options. If you want to minimize dust and fuss, find a ‘chalkboard’ sign printed on black or gray canvas. DIY brides can write their own signs or task a bridesmaid who has a steady hand with the responsibility. But, obviously, if you want your signage to look crisp and professional, you’re probably going to need to hire a chalkboard artist.











What your sign says is completely up to you. Leave a cute message (above) or keep it simple and to the point with just your names and wedding date (below).







If your venue has chalkboards, definitely use them like this inventive couple, to leave all sorts of messages. Some couples even use this type of space to create a sort of temporary guest book. Just remember to take pictures before you erase it!













Wooden signs are also trending right now, and we love the elegant, natural statement they make. Wooden isn’t just for rustic weddings, with some pretty white typography and a swath of eucalyptus leaves, these signs are sophisticated enough for any style wedding.







If your wedding venue is a bit spread out, use your wooden wedding welcome sign to point guests in the right directions.  Separate your arrows and perch them on a wooden ladder or hammer them together.








Your sign also doesn’t have to occupy a bunch of space. This sweet sign below was hung above the entrance to an outdoor ceremony. On the other side, there is a simple ‘thank you’ for guests to see as they leave. Such a lovely way to express this romantic sentiment.











We love the look of a well-designed glass welcome sign. Buy one with your message written on a framed piece of glass (above) or use a permanent marker on a mirror for a similar effect.










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