Wedding Planning

Chris and Emma’s Suffolk, UK Wedding by Craig and Kate Photography

Craig and Kate are amazing photographers and I’m so very happy that they are sharing this wedding with us! Chris and Emma were married in Suffolk at a charming country church followed by a lively reception full of vintage details.

Craig and Kate are amazing photographers and I’m so very happy that they are sharing this wedding with us! Chris and Emma were married in Suffolk at a charming country church followed by a lively reception full of vintage details. Emma shopped around to make sure that all of the decorative touches were exactly right and even made 100 jars of jam as wedding favors (that is devotion).

Did your wedding location hold a specific significance to you?

We viewed 17 venues in 3 days; it was a military operation. We had a crib sheet so when it came to sitting down and getting it to a short list we would remember each one! Moreves was the first venue we viewed on the Monday morning, and we fell in love with the area as we were trying to find it. We really wanted it to feel like a Suffolk wedding, we were both born in the area and went off to university and ended up coming back to Suffolk. When we arrived at the venue it was a bright January morning and the barn looked amazing.

Dina the owner was so friendly and you could tell she loved this barn! She had renovated it, and it was so beautifully restored.

I loved it straight away.

We then viewed the other 16 over the next two days, and on the Wednesday we went back to Moreves for a second viewing and decided that it was definitely the place we wanted to celebrate our wedding.

What was the most meaningful part of your day?

The actual ceremony without a doubt. We got married 3 years to the day we had our first date, and with this being in November I was ready for rain and grey skies! But when I woke up that morning and saw it was the most amazing day, clear blue skies and in the sun it was warm! I could not believe the luck we had! I was so super excited!

When I said my vows to Chris in front of all my friends and family I knew everything was just how it should be. I thought I was going to be nervous, but I just looked into his eyes from start to finish and it was if there was no one else in the church but us.
Did anything funny or out of the ordinary happen?
We were 45min late to the church! There had been an oil spillage on one of the main roads on route to the venue, and quite a lot of the guests and suppliers were caught up in the chaos!

Tell us details of the events surrounding the wedding.

The day before I picked up the dress with my mum, and filled the car with everything we needed for the venue. We dressed the venue with fairy lights, lanterns and tea lights! It was a very important note on my crib sheet that we were allowed candles.

We dressed each table, and our favours were plum jam which we made in the summer from a plum tree in our garden. We had never made jam before and it was a serious production line! Sterilising 100 jars! Making the jam, pouring and sealing the jars! Decorating them with material and ribbon!

I love mercury glass, the tea lights, the candle holders were all this design that I had found on websites at car boots! I had a check list of exactly how many I needed per table and at each focal point. I also spoke to the florist who had some really lovely mercury glass holders which were tied on the pew ends in the church.

I also shopped at Christmas because so many decorations can be used at weddings! I found these great silver letters in Selfridges just before the wedding in their Christmas gift shop, and across the main door spelt out PERKINS.

The night before all the female members of the wedding party came to my house and we had a girly night in, we watched “Bridesmaids” which is hilarious, and had some Chinese food.

The morning of the wedding we all went to Bohemia where we had our hair done, and then made our way to The Swan at Lavenham. We had a suite and Sophia, our make-up artist, was there waiting for us! And so were Kate and Craig the photographers! We soon ordered some room service because I was starving hungry (and starting to feel a little nervous)! So champagne was also ordered! That soon made me feel better!

We had our makeup done and got dressed and then tried to find out way out of the hotel, which was like a maze.

How did you know your partner was ‘the one’?

I met Chris in the queue to Liquid in Ipswich, I saw him a few times over the next few weekends in clubs and bars. Eventually he asked me out for a date, and we went out to a restaurant and really had a great time. He was funny and he was really easy to talk to! We went to the cinema the next night, and on the Sunday we went out for a drink at The Cherry Tree in Woodbridge and when we left he kissed me in the garden. When he kissed me I knew that he was the one, I know it sounds crazy but I felt it, I had butterflies in my tummy. Within 12 weeks we had moved in together and engaged a year later. It did move really fast, but why waste time?

He is the sweetest man I have ever met.

Photographer: Craig and Kate
Venue: Moreves Barn
Dress: Maggie Sottero
Shoes: Gina (they were my something blue, I wanted to be able to wear them again!)
Groom and Groomsmen’s Attire: Abigail’s Collection in Colchester
Catering: Chimneys
Flowers: Tudor Rose in Bury St Edmunds
DJ: Dream Wave
Bridesmaid dresses: Phase Eight