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10 Ideas for a Pink & Red Wedding

10 Ideas for a Pink & Red Wedding



Since pink and red are the colors most synonymous with Valentine’s Day, it makes perfect sense that this romantic combo would also be a popular wedding color palette.






1. A Veritable Cornucopia of Pinks & Reds


Why stick to single shades of red and pink when you can have them all?  This luxurious tablescape features cranberry, fuchsia, blush, and wine in the napkins and in the lush flowers.  When paired with gold it makes a truly elegant statement.






2. Simple Wedding Cake Decor


Pinks and reds don’t have to be so in-your-face, though. They can also be delightfully subtle, as shown with the red and pink roses adorning this simple wedding cake.  If you love this palette, but don’t want it to be too bold, choose to limit the reds to pops in specific places and use a light shade of pink everywhere else.






3. A Statement Piece


This barn wedding featured relatively minimal decor on the stark white walls of the venue, with the exception of the ombre silk draperies floating behind the wedding party table.  Featuring one impactful statement piece is a modern and vibrant way to use this palette.






4. A Darling Bouquet


There are few things more cheerful in this world than a cluster of juicy pink and red flowers. Especially with this bride’s crimson manicure, this bright bouquet using roses and ranunculus pops out from her white dress.






5. Festive Papel Picado


Papel picado (the tissue paper bunting featured above) was one of the hottest trends of 2015. If you are hosting a fiesta-inspired wedding and want to use pink and red in your palette, make sure to hang papel picado in corresponding shades throughout your venue to create a festive party environment!






6. Deliciously Pretty Drinks


Take a cue from this bridal shower inspiration shoot and make your signature cocktail a peppy combo of pink and red. The champagne cocktail was poured into red sugar rimmed glasses and featured polka dot straws!






7. A Thoughtful Place Setting


This sophisticated place setting featured a pale blush menu and place card, gold flatware, and a mouthwatering bowl of deep red chocolate hearts alongside each plate.  If this option is a bit out of your price range, simply use a bowl of cherries for a similar effect.






8. Unusual & Modern Shades


Not every red and pink palette has to be blush and cherry. This modern invitation above uses shades of marsala, tomato, and coral for a stunning alternative to the usual interpretation of this color combination.






9. Embracing Sweet Romance


You’ve already got the color palette for it, so why not also also use hearts and arrows?  These tasty cupcakes would be great on a sweet table. You could also use similar decorations for your cocktail stirrers to match!






10. Technicolor Bridesmaids


You know earlier we were discussing ways to keep this color palette subtle? You can also go completely the other way and pair bright with bright, as with this scarlet and magenta combo!




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