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10 Ideas for Your Elegant Halloween Wedding

10 Ideas for Your Elegant Halloween Wedding



An elegant Halloween wedding is totally possible.



elegant candlelit space



Covered in Candlelight


Candlelight and weddings go together like peanut butter and jelly. But for a Halloween wedding you need to bring new meaning to “over the top.” Cover every surface with candles in unique holders to create a holiday-appropriate mood for your celebration.




fun bat chandelier



Spooky Chandeliers


As you can see from this phenomenal chandelier, you can be both spooky and chic with your Halloween wedding details. This couple created a bat chandelier in front of their head table, with a new spin on marquee signage. Very inventive!




Beetlejuice inspired guestbook



Dark Sense of Humor


Tim Burton fans will love this brilliant guestbook concept. A play on a famous prop from the movie “Beetlejuice,” it’s a little creepy, a little funny, and completely unique.




black lace wedding dress



Unconventional Materials


For an elegant Halloween wedding you don’t have to go full-on Morticia Addams. This wedding dress features a black lace bodice that is unconventional, but divine. She also used a tattered ribbon for her bouquet. Tiny details like this will add to your wedding’s theme, without turning it into a Halloween carnival.




blackbirds in centerpiece



Haunted Woodland Chic


Woodland themes with cheerful forest animals and “outside-in” floral decor has been all the rage. But these haunting centerpieces are an alternative take on the theme. The blackbirds hanging above are practically Hitchcockian and add just the right amount of allure and mystery.




black and gold tablescape



Black Layers


Of course, black is pretty popular when you are designing an elegant Halloween wedding. But take extra steps to layer loads of black for full effect. In this black and gold tablescape, the black is built up in many of the details, from the tablecloth to the menus, each in its own distinct pattern.




dark bridal bouquet



Rich Floral Arrangements


A lavender and pink bridal bouquet might be a little out of place in this theme. Instead, opt for dark, rich colors, such as eggplant, to create an impressive bouquet.




coffin ring box



Elegant Macabre


For your Halloween wedding, consider details that bring a little light to the macabre. This coffin ring box is perfect for a couple with a sense of humor and a love of commitment’s darker side.




voodoo inspired table



A Bit of Witchcraft


Bring some witchy magic to your elegant Halloween wedding courtesy of voodoo-inspired details. This creative table display incorporated big candles, faux animal skulls, and lots of enchanting florals.









But if your version of Halloween witchcraft involves all things Harry Potter, then you do you. There are so many fabulous and chic Harry Potter design details out there. This cool invitation suite was inspired by the Marauder’s Map.