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10 Planning Ideas for a Teal Wedding

10 Planning Ideas for a Teal Wedding



Brighten up your wedding ceremony and reception with this powerful color.






A Little Bit Goes a Long Way


Teal is such an astounding color. Bold and vivid, you don’t need much for picture-perfect teal wedding details. With just a few pieces of the hue in your bouquet, or on your shoes, it will make a big statement.







A Vibrant Background


During your ceremony recessional or reception exit, you two are the focus of the image. Often, exit details like confetti or birdseed gets lost in the photo. Try these teal ribbon wands for a colorful exit that will add dimension to your captured moment.







Attention-Grabbing Details


Trying to direct your guests to different sections of your venue? You need signs that will grab people’s attention so that they know where to find their escort card or what table to place their gift on. A teal background will catch the eye, especially with this pretty floral pattern and modern block font.







The Right Shade


Traditional teal is not the easiest shade for every gal to wear. A dynamic blue-green, find different shades of teal (luckily, different shades do look lovely with each other) that will complement each bridesmaid’s unique skin tone.







Monochromatic Impact


Speaking of different shades of this color, one of our favorite teal wedding ideas is to layer slightly different shades of teal for a gorgeous tablescape. Especially pretty with succulents and cacti, this is ideal for boho chic and desert weddings because it fits in quite naturally with the landscape.







Most Popular Pairing


The most popular color pairing for a teal wedding is coral. This peppy blend has been used at countless beach weddings and sets a cheerful mood.







Modern Smokiness


Love teal, but worried it’s not quite modern enough to go with your theme? Lots of new teal wedding details feature “smoky” versions of the color. The addition of just a little gray completely transforms teal into a contemporary contender.







Complementary Accessories


It might be hard to find an exact match of teal for your bridesmaid dresses or to go with your wedding dress. Don’t stress! Turquoise jewelry and aqua stones can make a fetching match. These sparkly ear climber earrings are modern and versatile.







Tiny Accents


Because teal is such a high-impact color, you may want to use it for smaller accents. It complements shades of purple and red beautifully. The teal details on this dessert table blends well with the other colors.







Ombre Statement


Some colors are easy to incorporate on your wedding cake, such as blush or lavender. But bolder hues often prove to be more difficult to keep the same color saturation and still look sophisticated. This ombre wedding cake is a really lovely example of how you don’t have to sacrifice elegance when working with bold colors.